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Huawei Yunshuang 11 marketing season ends perfectly: help the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises to a new level

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Shulou( Report--

In the spring tide of digital economy, cloud computing, big data and other cutting-edge technologies are leading the direction of enterprise innovation and business upgrading. How to move towards this "new blue ocean" is the proposition and opportunity of the times that every industry participant has to face. For small and medium-sized enterprises, an effective product and solution will undoubtedly make their journey to the cloud more stable and powerful.

On November 30, 2023 marked the smooth end of the Yunshuang 11 marketing season. During the event, Huawei Cloud selected more than 20 products and solutions, and launched a variety of welfare games with rich content, bringing one-stop digital transformation and upgrading services for enterprise users to enjoy a "affordable and more practical" cloud experience.

Popular style products are worth buying, and it is the right time for enterprises to go to the cloud.

During Singles' Day, Huawei Cloud launched a star product lineup ranging from cloud servers and security protection to technology development and enterprise operation, providing omni-directional cloud support for users at different stages and different needs. Among them, Huawei Yunyao Cloud server L instance adopts Huawei Cloud QingTian architecture and global deposit network KooVerse. The cloud experience of "three steps to build a site, twice the performance, and the first simple step on the cloud" is widely favored. Content delivery network CDN covers website acceleration, large file download acceleration, audio and video on demand acceleration and other scenarios to enhance the user experience with fast, secure and reliable acceleration services. The website high availability solution aims at the pain points such as the complexity of self-built cluster management, operation and maintenance, and has ultra-high availability, strong data security and flexible expansion and flexible services, with website availability of more than 99.9%. ERP on the cloud solution provides cloud services with secure and reliable data, flexible and flexible expansion, service neutrality and credibility, and meets various needs, making the cloud on enterprise ERP systems more secure. In addition, solutions such as cloud on database, integrated security on cloud and cloud under cloud, and general AI also participate in the activities, and rich cloud services and tools allow users to achieve cloud transformation "easily".

Heavy rights and interests are easy to enjoy, and it is a good time for Shangyun to purchase.

In order to enable more small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy double 11 benefits, HuaWeiYun also launched 10,000 yuan gift packages, roulette draw, service support and other rich games to help small and medium-sized enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With deep technology and experience in the field of ICT, Huawei Cloud is committed to enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to "grow" on the cloud with better products and services to meet the growing needs of users for transformation and upgrading. At present, Huawei Yunshuang 11 has officially ended. Huawei Cloud adds another fire to the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises through practical products, affordable benefits and real value, gradually promoting small and medium-sized enterprises to "endow intelligence with numbers on the cloud". In the future, Huawei Cloud will join hands with more small and medium-sized enterprises to continue to explore new paths for cloud development and promote the digital economy to a new level!

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