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Huawei Cloud launches the first large model hybrid cloud to accelerate industry intelligence upgrade

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[Beijing, China, November 30, 2023] Huawei Cloud Industry Summit Forum 2023, with the theme of "practicing deep cloud use and accelerating intelligent upgrading", opened in Beijing today. At the meeting, Huawei Cloud launched the industry's first large model hybrid cloud, and released the "Deep Cloud Prospect 2025" white paper and deep cloud action plan, hoping to help governments and enterprises implement deep cloud through innovative technology, theoretical precipitation and action measures. accelerate intelligence upgrade.

In the past few years, the digitization process of China's industry has been accelerated in an orderly manner, and many industries have achieved fruitful results. These achievements, on the one hand, benefit from the strong support of the national industrial policy, on the other hand, benefit from the continuous investment and independent innovation of various Chinese enterprises.

At present, government and enterprises are accelerating from "business cloud" to "deep cloud use". In response, Shi Jilin, president of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and sales Services, put forward five thoughts in his opening speech: deep use of the cloud is from helping enterprises apply cloud resources to helping enterprises apply cloud technologies and services; from helping enterprises build a new platform base to help enterprises carry out application modernization transformation; from using general technologies on the cloud to developing industrial solutions From improving the operation and maintenance ability of the enterprise, to improving the operation ability of the enterprise, from helping the enterprise to improve the efficiency, to creating the brand-new core competitiveness facing the future.

Over the next decade, AI will be the core driver of the digital transformation. Shi Jilin said that in order to speed up the intelligent innovation of the industry, Huawei Cloud provides full-stack AI capabilities, including infrastructure, computing power, operators, algorithms, development framework, Pangu model, etc., to create the best AI cloud base for the industry intelligence.

At present, the global cloud computing market has entered a stage of steady growth, and cloud and AI have become indispensable productivity for enterprises. He Baohong, director of Cloud Computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications, said in the keynote speech: "countries around the world accelerate the strategic deployment of cloud computing, and China's cloud computing market will break through trillion yuan by 2025. Cloud presents a ladder in various industries. Generative AI application model will continue to lead industrial upgrading. From a technical point of view, as the core of engineering implementation of artificial intelligence, cloud computing will evolve to the direction of cloud multi-core, computing cloud integration, software-hardware collaboration. From the management level, enterprises are gradually stepping into the deep use of the cloud, and the operational mechanism, optimal governance and platform engineering will become the new focus of using the cloud. "

The industry's first large model hybrid cloud, accelerating AI to reshape thousands and thousands of industries

In the future, all enterprises will use large models. Due to long-term industry accumulation, large enterprises have rich private data resources, which are very important for the training of large models. Because of their business characteristics, large government enterprises are more inclined to keep their data locally to ensure that "data is not out of the domain". Therefore, the large model based on hybrid cloud will become an important deployment form of industry model in the future, which not only meets the demands of business innovation, but also alleviates enterprises' concerns about data security and privacy.

Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said in a keynote speech: "in the era of big models, Huawei Cloud is committed to becoming the preferred partner for government and enterprise intelligence upgrades. It is hoped that based on the rich cloud services provided by Huawei Cloud Stack and the powerful capabilities of Pangu models, it is hoped that the construction, development and operation of AI will be easier, so that each enterprise has its own large model."

Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei hybrid cloud

Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 is the first in the industry to implement large model capabilities based on hybrid cloud deployment, providing the industry's most complete AI production chain, such as computing platforms, cloud services, development kits and professional services, to help government and enterprise customers build their own large model capabilities in one stop. Huawei Cloud Stack has made four optimizations for large model scenarios:

First of all, based on the native hybrid cloud capability, users can extend large models from local to edge and public clouds. Multi-cloud collaborative architecture allows industry large models to be trained on the public cloud, fine-tuned with enterprise local data on the hybrid cloud, and then pushed to the edge cloud for reasoning to achieve full-scene cross-cloud deployment.

Secondly, the optimization of operator fusion and mixing accuracy is realized through the cooperation of software and hardware, the training performance of the model is improved by 45%, and the potential of computing power is fully tapped.

Third, Huawei Cloud Stack provides three types of tool kits to enable enterprises to efficiently complete data cleaning, model development and application development, reducing the development threshold.

Finally, large model training tasks usually need to be carried out for several days in a row. Huawei Cloud Stack's ability to continue training without feeling points allows AI training to run steadily for more than 30 days.

At present, Huawei Cloud Stack has joined hands with more than 10 government and enterprise customers to explore industry models based on hybrid cloud, which has accumulated a wealth of practical experience.

At the central state-owned enterprise, Shandong Energy Group joined hands with Huawei Cloud to build the industry's first large mine model based on hybrid cloud. Wang Licai, assistant general manager of Shandong Energy Group, said in his keynote speech: "in January 2022, Shandong Energy Group and Huawei set up a joint innovation center, focusing on the major scientific and technological needs of coal development and utilization." stack the superior resources of both sides, such as science and technology, application scenarios, industry double-span experts, from 3 verification scenarios to 21 when the first commercial use of the Pangu model mining field was held on July 18 this year. So far, based on the large model of Huawei Pangu Mine, more than 40 artificial intelligence application scenarios have been developed, promoting the large-scale 'downhole' of artificial intelligence. "

At the meeting, Shandong Energy joined hands with Huawei to release the "Best practice White Paper on Mine Intelligence and Mine Model". The white paper precipitates the valuable experience of the construction plan, development and operation and business model in the cooperation between the two sides, hoping to provide reference for the intelligence of thousands of industries.

Practice deep use of cloud to accelerate intelligent upgrade

In the next ten years, digitization and intelligence have become the most certain trend. Government and enterprises continue to promote the use of cloud in depth, and accelerate the intelligent process of the whole industry through ever-changing technological innovation and endless business innovation and model innovation.

In the field of government, all parts of the country actively carry out innovation and pilot of public data authorization operation to further tap the value of data. Shanghai data Group shared the practice of urban data space at the theme conference and jointly released the "Urban data Space CDS White Paper" with Huawei Cloud. Zhu Zongyao, president of Shanghai data Group, said in his speech: "Shanghai data Group, in conjunction with Huawei Cloud, has created a new paradigm of urban data space to lay the foundation for the smooth circulation of urban data system; by building an integrated urban data infrastructure, develop urban data ecosystem, fully tap the value scenarios of data elements, and release the potential of data elements." .

In the field, more and more head organizations are widely using cloud native technology, and cloud native is leading the digital transformation of the industry. Kou Guan, general manager of the Information Technology Management Department of CITIC Bank, delivered a keynote speech on "Cloud original Technology driven, CITIC Bank's digital transformation and innovation". He said: "adhere to correct innovation, continue to make cloud services, deep chemical industry, technology, digital integration, implant digital genes into the business, make scientific and technological capabilities become part of the daily business capabilities, and build CITIC Bank into a first-class technology-driven bank."

In manufacturing, smart factories that integrate AI and the industrial Internet are making production decisions, optimizations and execution smarter. Wu Kezhi, general manager of Yubei New Factory of Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "releasing data productivity and realizing intelligent production". Wu Kezhi said in the sharing: "Changan Automobile and Huawei build the overall structure of the smart factory based on the concept of industrial Internet, and create a unified digital base. It realizes the data penetration and management of six major processes, seven workshops and ten design topic areas, and enables various intelligent scenarios such as production scheduling, holographic quality traceability, digital twinning and factory simulation to help C2M flexible manufacturing."

Go to the depths of the cloud and have a high degree of innovation

Based on its rich practical experience in government and enterprises and its exploration and research in the future, Huawei Cloud has released a white paper entitled "prospects for Deep Cloud use 2025", focusing on the next three years and looking forward to the top 10 technologies and models that will be widely established in the government and enterprise market. Hope to work with the industry to help more enterprises move towards deep cloud use.

At the meeting, Huawei Cloud presented "Polaris" awards to 10 industry pioneers, including Shandong Energy Group and Shanghai data Group, to thank them for their outstanding contributions in exploring deep use of the cloud in terms of technology, scenarios and models.

In-depth Cloud Action Plan officially released

At the same time, Huawei Cloud put forward the Deep use Cloud Initiative and jointly launched the Deep use Cloud Action Plan with 10 + partners and industry organizations, with a plan to invest 100 million yuan in the next three years. It is used in areas such as capable partnership building, cloud native application development, industry expert training, industry benchmarking and so on.

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