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Key Technology Breakthrough: successful Ignition of China's first medium Speed and High Power ammonia fuel engine

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Shulou( Report-- November 30 news, According to CCTV news report, On the afternoon of November 30, China's first medium-speed high-power ammonia fuel engine independently developed by CRRC Dalian company successfully ignited in Dalian, This medium-speed high-power ammonia fuel engine is expected to be used in the first ammonia fuel tugboat in China next year, Realize ammonia fuel engine demonstration application.

According to, ammonia-fueled engines refer to engines that use ammonia as fuel. Ammonia fuel is a green fuel synthesized from green hydrogen. It contains no carbon and is easy to liquefy and store. It is reported that the engine has a single-cylinder power of 208kW and a maximum ammonia energy ratio of 85%, which can reduce carbon emissions by 80% compared with traditional diesel engines.

The successful development and smooth ignition of ammonia fuel engine indicate that China has broken through and mastered the key technology of ammonia fuel engine, realized the coordination of the whole industry chain of ammonia fuel engine parts, complete machine and application scenario, and will promote the upgrading of traditional engine industry.

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