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Daryou launched A104 Pro wired mechanical keyboard: support 8K rate of return, true color TFT display, list price 699 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 30 news, Daryou recently put on the shelves of an A104 Pro wired mechanical keyboard, the list price of 699 yuan, it is expected that the official sale will have a discount.

According to reports, A104 Pro keyboard uses overspeed processing technology, processing and transmission speed up to 8 times, up to 8000Hz polling rate, 1000Hz key scanning rate; 1.14in TFT color display screen, can display picture animation and custom effects, a stronger sense of human-computer interaction experience; positioning board using PC material, providing 12 kinds of RGB lighting effect.

This keyboard uses a 104-button layout, supports full-key hot-swappable function, and claims to be "almost compatible with 99% of the mechanical shafts on the market". It specially adjusts satellite shafts and balance rods, and provides ski shafts (linear axes) and full-key non-impact designs. The product adopts the original factory height key cap and is made of PBT material. In addition, the product also provides knob switch, convenient and quick control of media playback, volume adjustment and other system functions, free adjustment, improve operation efficiency. attached product parameters:

Jingdong Dar you A104 Pro wired mechanical keyboard 699 yuan direct link

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