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Veteran can really fight: Apple Apple Music Chinese mainland annual hottest song TOP 100released, Jay Chou swept the top 15

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Baa Yang, fox for the delivery of clues!, Nov. 30 (Xinhua)-- Apple's Apple Music Chinese mainland has released a list of the TOP 100th hottest songs of the year. In the introduction, the official could not help sighing that throughout the playlist, the veterans of the golden age of Chinese music were really "able to fight."

In detail, Jay Chou not only won the championship by virtue of "Seven Lixiang", but also won almost all the top 20 positions in his works and accounted for half of the Top100, officials said. "it shows Jay Chou's unshakable position in the music world." Note: the top ten are "Qilixiang", "Sunny", "Love in BC", "Nocturne", "all the way north", "Mingming", "Sea of Flowers", "Daoxiang", waiting for you to finish the class "Peninsula Iron Box". As for the 11-20, in addition to Lin Junjie's "Exchange for the rest of his Life" ranked 16th, the rest are also the works of Jay Chou.

In addition, the hit songs of Eason Chan, Deng Ziqi and other singers also occupy a place. According to reports, thanks to the fermentation of short videos, Guo Ding's "mournful Land" and "Mercury" became phenomenal seven years after their release and were successfully on the list. There is no doubt that Mandarin pop music will still be the favorite of most fans in 2023.

Officials also said that K-Pop 's performance in 2023 was also good, with NewJeans, which set off a storm of Y2K youth, particularly bright, represented by a loop-out song "Ditto", which combined with the sweet pop music of retro dance music may herald the future of the music industry.

Europe and the United States are led by Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer". This year, she held a grand "time" tour, and the documentary of the same name became the highest-grossing concert film of all time.

For reference, nine of the top 10 songs on Chinese mainland's annual TOP 100th list last year belonged to Jay Chou, and 62 of the entire list belonged to Jay Chou.

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