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Several Pulitzer Prize winners sue OpenAI and Microsoft for abusing their works to train big models

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1353584 clue delivery!, Dec. 22 (Reuters)-11 authors of nonfiction books filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday, accusing OpenAI and Microsoft of abusing their books to train the big models behind ChatGPT and other AI software.

These writers include Pulitzer Prize winner Cabold, Taylor Blanche and Stacy Schiff, who co-authored the biography of Oppenheimer, Prometheus of America ( Note: this year was adapted into the film Oppenheimer). They said in court that companies such as OpenAI were infringing copyright by using their own works to train ChatGPT.

"the defendant made billions of dollars from the unauthorized use of non-fiction books, and the authors of these books deserve fair compensation and treatment," Rohit Rohit Nath, a lawyer for Tuyuan Pexels writers, said on Wednesday.

Julian Sankerton, author and editor of the Hollywood Reporter, filed his first class action proposal last month: the case is one of several copyright owner groups suing OpenAI and other technology companies for misusing their work during AI training.

However, Microsoft and OpenAI deny the allegations. The lawsuit filed on Monday local time also alleges that OpenAI "plundered" the authors' works and a large number of other copyright materials from the Internet without permission to teach their GPT models how to respond to human text cues. Microsoft is "deeply involved" in the training and development of the model, and should also be responsible for copyright infringement.

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Giants such as Meta and Microsoft have been sued by a number of American writers for using pirated books to train AI models.

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