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Key milestone: Google Messages active RCS users exceed 1 billion

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! December 1 news, Google issued a press release today, announcing that the number of active RCS users in Google Messages exceeded 1 billion.

Google is actively promoting the whole industry to support RCS through continuous cooperation with global mobile phone manufacturers and communication operators. Apple has also announced that iPhone will adopt support for RCS next year.

RCS, the full name of Rich Communications solution, is a program initiated by the GSM Association to create a multimedia subsystem based on IP to further enrich operators' communication services.

The main features of RCS include: enhanced phone book: increase contact information such as online status and service exploration; enhanced message: add a variety of message options, such as chat rooms, emoticons, location sharing and file sharing.

To celebrate this important milestone, Google launched seven exciting new features for Google Messages designed to enhance user expression and connection in the Android community. The main new features attached to are as follows:

Photomoji: use the Google AI on the device to convert precious photos into dynamic responses.

Voice emotion: inject nine different emotions into voice messages, accompanied by visual effects.

Screen effect: animates the message through a vivid animation triggered by a specific keyword or phrase.

Custom Bubble: personalize the bubble color and background for personal conversation.

Reaction effect: add vitality to the dialogue through animated emoticons.

Animated emoticons: enhance facial expressions through attractive visual effects associated with emoji responses.

Personal data: the picture attached to the personalized personal data name and phone number.

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