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Zhejiang time-honored brand: Dehui fresh meat, dried plum, vegetable, pastry, 24 yuan, 80 pieces

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Dehui Food flagship Store]

Dehui fresh Meat dried vegetable Cake 280g (about 40 pieces) is sold at 34.9 yuan per day. The order for 2 pieces is reduced by 25 yuan.

Add 20 yuan plus coupons and pay 24.8 yuan for 80 pieces of free delivery:

Tmall Dehui plum dried vegetable meat pastry 280g about 80 orders 2 pieces 24.8 yuan 20 yuan coupons pinduoduo flagship store big promotion price of 26.9 yuan 80 pieces: click here to see.

There are original flavor, spicy flavor, nucleolus peanut, meat pine, four flavors to choose from, support the combination to place an order.

Single independent packaging, easy to carry / not afraid to eat.

Select dried plum vegetables + strictly selected pork + rapeseed oil + pastry powder and bake for 66 minutes.

Free of pigments, flavors and preservatives.

Delicious match at 4:6. Dried plum vegetables are two points more than pork. The vegetables are not firewood and the meat is not greasy.

Dehui was founded in 1925, is a nearly century-old crisp cake brand, a time-honored brand in Zhejiang.

Date of production: October 01, 2023 to October 15, 2023

Brand: Dehui

Factory name: Zhejiang Dehui Food Co., Ltd.

Shelf life: 180 days

Tmall Dehui plum dried vegetables and meat cakes 280g about 80 orders were issued for 2 pieces of 24.8 yuan to get 20 yuan coupons

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