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New Ziguang Group is fully empowered, and National Core Jingyuan strives to open a new chapter.

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Shulou( Report--

Since the new Ziguang Group set sail for one year, it has co-ordinated resources and optimized management, and divided its companies into eight business sectors. build the layout of the whole industry chain of digital economy covering chip semiconductors, information and communication infrastructure, cloud services, and digital solutions.

As the core enterprise of the materials and devices plate in the new Violet industry atlas, China Core Crystal Source seizes the industrial opportunities, vigorously arranges ultra-micro crystal oscillators for IoT, AI and other scenarios, ultra-high frequency crystal oscillators for 5G base station communications, and ultra-stable crystal oscillators for automotive electronics, actively promotes technological research, and has entered the international advanced ranks in processing technology of core frequency components such as miniaturization, high frequency and high precision.

With its excellent technical strength and innovation ability, Guoxin Jingyuan has been awarded the National Enterprise Technology Center, the national special new key "Little Giant" enterprises, and the national intellectual property advantage enterprises, and has participated in the formulation of more than 20 national, industry and group standards. this year, we have reaped many honors such as Hebei Provincial Government quality Award, Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award and Provincial Patent Award.

Speed up the advance and seize the "window period" of industrial development

Electronic components are not only the cornerstone of supporting the development of information technology industry, but also the key to ensure the security and stability of the industrial chain supply chain. As the "heart" of digital circuits, crystal oscillator is an indispensable basic device for all kinds of terminals. Benefiting from the trend of 5G technology enabling a variety of industries, and driving communication technology, new energy vehicles, AIoT, industrial control and other fields to produce butterfly effect, the frequency components industry is ushering in an important opportunity.

Over the past year, under the resource addition and business empowerment of the New Ziguang Group, China Core Jingyuan has seized opportunities, sought innovation and change, had more layout in key areas, including automotive electronics, and further increased technological innovation and patent conversion. better empower the development of high-end wisdom industries. At present, Guoxin crystal source products have been widely used in automotive electronics, network communications, industrial control, artificial intelligence, equipment, Internet of things and other fields, and more than 50% of them are exported to overseas markets such as the United States, Germany, South Korea and other overseas markets. it has become one of the direct suppliers of international well-known enterprises and one of the main suppliers of "new infrastructure".

Efficient cooperation to open up a "new space" for enterprise development

New Ziguang Group implements the strategic deployment of "large R & D, large manufacturing and big market", and integrates with dozens of technology enterprises controlled by Fang Zhilu Jianguang to form a "new Ziguang system". Promote the coordination and mutual benefit of enterprises in various sectors of the system in the fields of technology research and development, product innovation, capacity optimization and market expansion, so as to further consolidate and strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in various segments of the intelligent technology industry.

Driven by the in-depth industrial layout and the upstream and downstream chain innovation, National Core Crystal Source is fully integrated into the huge industrial territory of the new purple light system, and has carried out business cooperation with many enterprises in Huaqin Technology and other systems. it not only realizes the superposition and mutual empowerment of technology, products, market and other advantages, but also brings richer products and better experience for end-users. Firmly committed to the beautiful vision of "letting the light of science and technology illuminate a happy life".

It is a long journey, the road is long and long, the line is non-stop, and the future can be expected. Next, as an enterprise with more than 30 years of development, China Core Jingyuan will focus on new opportunities and new future, integrate into the strategic territory of New Ziguang Group, and achieve the next stage of leaping development.

Under the new Ziguang's core values of "aim high and create value", China Core Jingyuan will continue to improve its technical strength, product performance and service quality, dig deep into the middle and high-end market, and rely on the group's strategic deployment of "big R & D, large manufacturing, big market". Speed up the promotion of three-level resource sharing and collaborative innovation, chopping waves and chopping waves in the rapid evolution of subversive technology and the changing industrial environment.

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