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The growth Road of Harmony Science and Technology: 10 years of technological Innovation

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Shulou( Report--

Founded in January 2014, Ronghe Technology has been committed to the concept of "promoting a better business and society with technological change" for a long time, and has adhered to the strategy of independent technological innovation and technological leadership over the past 10 years. Outstanding achievements have been made in enterprise series intelligent technology platform, cloud native development platform, landing application of micro-service architecture, high-performance processing, and taking the lead in completing 100% Xinchuang product adaptation. It has also been widely recognized by the market and customers.

At present, Ronghe Technology has more than 400 legal persons, hundreds of large group enterprises and some overseas customers, and uses its products or systems every day, and transmits the value to millions of related enterprises through the use of users. As a result, Ronghe Technology has occupied a leading position in markets such as enterprise intelligent finance, banking management accounting, and comprehensive profit and risk solutions.

Ten years' technological innovation course

At the beginning of its establishment, Ronghe Technology has fully realized that "technological innovation is the vitality of the company's market". Although facing strong market competition and challenges, the core team has still established the basic principle of "adhering to independent technological innovation". And in the subsequent years of continuous investment, gradually have the core technology platform, patented technology, technology certification and other technological innovation achievements, providing strong support for the company's business development.

The core founding team of Ronghe Technology comes from a group of senior industry management software system experts, who have accumulated profound industry experience before starting a business, and have executive experience of a number of listed software companies. It is precisely because of these experiences and experiences that the entrepreneurial team also recognizes the importance of technical capabilities to the success of customers' projects. For example, only in terms of system performance, the traditional software platform can not meet the needs of large-capacity data computing in the industry, which brings poor experience to customers.

At the initial stage of its start-up, Ronghe Technology took "high performance" as a breakthrough, and adopted innovative technologies adapted to the requirements of high-performance computing in product design. Compared with other similar products at home and abroad, the operating performance of the system was greatly improved. Other products need to run for hours, and the products of Honghe Technology can be completed in only tens of minutes.

Start a business in 2014

Subsequently, taking high performance as an opportunity, Yonghe Technology decided to invest resources to independently develop ROMP (Ronhe Omnipotent Platform), a new generation of intelligent and high-performance digital intelligence technology platform based on Internet architecture, and an innovative technology platform integrating Web technology, cloud computing, mobile technology, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, as well as a technical support platform for integration of science and technology application products.

In the technical architecture, the ROMP platform is divided into user layer, business layer, data layer, service governance layer, basic component layer and infrastructure layer. Based on the "cloud native" architecture, designed according to the hierarchical concept, with Docker+Kubernetes as the core, and supporting the rapid deployment of DevOPS to the production environment, characterized by low code, containerized encapsulation, dynamic management and micro-service architecture, it helps enterprises to deliver business software quickly, continuously, reliably and on a large scale, and carry out visual software lifecycle management.

The launch of the platform immediately won the attention of many customers. Compared with other similar products or systems in China, this platform effectively overcomes the shortcomings of low efficiency of traditional software architecture development, difficult code maintenance, low flexibility and poor expansibility. In the context of rapidly changing business requirements, product development and secondary development work seems to be handy.

Ronghe Technology has been continuously invested for many years, constantly strengthening the adaptability, interconnection, intelligence, high performance and other characteristics of the platform, which has won many customer projects and achieved success. it also includes global projects of large national banks.

Adaptability: in order to meet the needs of different customers and adapt to the business restructuring and changes brought about by the changing business environment, the ROMP platform architecture has super adaptability:

Presentation layer: uses a visual designer to support custom documents and data items. Including menu, user interface, report display, etc., can adapt to different users and achieve the effect of "a thousand people and a thousand faces". Developers only need to design according to business logic and can complete the application without editing the code. get the WYSIWYG effect.

Business logic: using the rule engine mechanism, all the business rules involved are supported by the engine, and then cooperate with the process engine to promote the follow-up processing. Business personnel can use natural language to define and design business rules and processes, in the case of business changes, do not need to write code to achieve new business.

Interconnectedness: through the design of the data center, ROMP makes effective use of all aspects of information and data that expand the enterprise value chain.

Within the enterprise: various parts of the business data can be very smoothly linked, for example: panoramic penetration of business and finance becomes feasible; in the enterprise value chain, that is, including business data of the relationship between the enterprise and customers, suppliers and partners, even with external social and economic history, dynamic data can be linked in real time to form super internal and external coordination, digital business flow interconnection.

Intelligence: ROMP combined with artificial intelligence technology platform RonheAI, through perception engine, thinking engine, rule engine, process engine and other technologies, provides powerful numerical intelligence tool support, based on data-driven model, to promote enterprise operations from business process informationization to comprehensive digitization and intelligence.

High performance: the ROMP platform supports advanced architecture designs, such as distributed and micro-service architectures, and advanced technologies such as parallel and asynchronous computing, memory computing, etc., making the whole system highly efficient while ensuring high reliability. At the same time, the proprietary technology of Fuhe Technology strengthens the improvement of the operating efficiency of the system, such as the two-way conversion of WEB images and XML data, high-performance data file exchange methods and so on.

With the increasing demand of enterprises for mobile applications, Ronghe Technology has innovated and developed a development platform mROMP for mobile App on the basis of ROMP platform. The platform realizes one-time development and multi-end use, has nothing to do with mobile operating systems, and no longer depends on the native development of different mobile operating systems. This low code feature not only greatly improves the user experience, but also ensures the efficiency and quality of App development.

With the growing demand for digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, Renewal Technology plans to invest resources again, and innovates and develops Fuhe Intelligence brain (Ronhe AI), which is an artificial intelligence engine based on ROMP, which is divided into perception engine, big data platform, thinking engine, rule engine and so on. Through the identification, collection, storage, calculation and mining of big data inside and outside the enterprise, machine learning, knowledge graph, visual analysis and other technical means are adopted to help users intelligently complete the whole process of operation and management from analysis, learning, thinking to prediction and decision-making. it is the decision-making nerve center for enterprises to achieve accurate marketing, product innovation, cost control, internal control, compliance, risk early warning and other fields.

Perception engine: through face recognition, intelligent voice, OCR recognition, electronic bill data grab and other artificial intelligence means to achieve automatic recognition and acquisition of business data, real-time access to the system for follow-up processing.

Thinking engine: data analysis and learning prediction engine which integrates big data storage, distributed computing, data mining, algorithm, model, knowledge graph, machine learning, deep learning and visual analysis. By using the thinking engine, the built-in AI algorithm can be used to visually build models, training models and verification models to achieve business early warning and prediction capabilities.

Rule engine: all kinds of rules can be defined and executed, including interface rules, association relations, calculation rules, conditional jump rules and so on. The use of rules can separate the business logic of business decision makers from the technical decisions of application developers, and make applications more flexible by reducing the difficulty of implementing complex business logic and reducing the cost of application maintenance and scalability.

Process engine: according to the different roles, division of labor and conditions in the corresponding system to determine the routing of information transmission, so as to complete the functional realization of specific services, to achieve business automation. The engine supports features such as AB corner, free flow, process delegation, process intervention and so on.

The application products based on Ronhe AI intelligent platform have achieved good results in the market. The intelligent financial sharing center system of Ronghe Technology is the first intelligent financial system product launched in the market. The system realizes the intelligence of the whole process of intelligent filling, intelligent bookkeeping, intelligent analysis, intelligent compliance, and helps enterprises to achieve intelligent financial business and management through live detection, intelligent voice, deep OCR recognition, intelligent business travel, big data behavior analysis, electronic contract, electronic invoice, machine learning and other technologies.

The system products have achieved the replacement of domestic and foreign financial systems in a number of customers, including: national large banks, listed enterprises, private institutions and other different types of enterprises.

Achievements of innovation in the past 10 years continuous innovation has brought fruitful results to the integration of science and technology. At present, Ronghe Science and Technology is a national high-tech enterprise and a special new enterprise in Beijing, and has passed the integrated evaluation certification of CMMi5, the highest level of international software maturity in the world. at the same time, it also has information security quality management system certification ISO27001, information technology service management system certification ISO20000 and other qualifications.

Through years of innovative research and development, Ronghe Technology has obtained dozens of invention patents and utility model patents, as well as hundreds of software copyrights.

Among the many advantages of ROMP platform, the innovation of "integration of rule engine and process engine" is a bright spot, and it is also one of the advantages of low code. The traditional workflow engine realizes the switching of the process template and the adjustment of the approval level mainly through the predefined form, which can not be dynamically adjusted in the actual use process after the definition is completed. ROMP platform breakthrough uses the mechanism of the combination of rule engine and workflow engine to support business processing for all business rules involved through the engine, and then cooperate with the process engine to promote follow-up processing. The rules engine is actually the "rules of business rules" platform, so it does not solidify or restrict business logic in a single program.

This feature is also reported to be the first to be realized in the domestic management software system market. For this reason, Ronghe Technology has obtained the national invention patent of "the method of integrating rule engine with process engine with page configuration".

In addition, the invention patent "processing method of Shell-based application in file interaction between systems" greatly improves the ability of data exchange and processing, and is also one of the high-performance supporting technologies for integrating scientific and technological products, and the invention patent "method of XML generating WEB front-end image and WEB front-end image generating XML" creatively improves the conversion efficiency of heterogeneous data. The invention patent "the method of confusing the interface address of HTTP network protocol" provides a security solution for data transmission. It is reported that at present, Ronghe Technology still has a number of invention patents in the declaration and examination process.

In terms of Xinchuang market, Ronghe Technology is the first to complete 100% Xinchuang product adaptation certification. And passed the high performance test of Xinchuang by the national authority: in the full Xinchuang environment, it achieves QPS (total number of requests per second) = 2000 super performance. In the practice of a global project of a large bank, in the environment of super large data processing capacity, it also maintains a high operational performance and is affirmed by users.

This series of innovative achievements not only bring more customer recognition for Honghe technology, but also continue to gain advantages in the market competition. From small and medium-sized bank users gradually access to national large bank users, from industry customers to large central enterprise groups, from the domestic market also began to set foot in the international market.

At the same time, continuous technological innovation also brings value to the operation and management of the company. The technology platform provides a series of low code development capabilities, which shortens the product and project development cycle and effectively improves the product quality.

Experience and Prospect of technological Innovation

Continuous innovation is actually very difficult for a startup, but Renhe Technology has persisted in the past 10 years. Although we often encounter market changes and challenges, I have never changed my mind.

In the annual business plan, there is a considerable budget for R & D and innovation investment. The company has also formed a set of atmosphere to encourage innovation and encourage employees to innovate. Whenever employees or departments get innovative results, from micro-innovation of product experience to the acquisition of invention patents, the company can give timely commendation and reward.

In addition, Ronghe Technology also actively cooperates with domestic and foreign technology partners, such as hardware, database and artificial intelligence technology in Xinchuang market. Through this kind of cooperation, innovative resources are also obtained from different levels.

In the face of the changes in the technological environment of the market and the increasing application needs of customers, technological innovation is always continuous. At present, Rongke Technology has also invested in research and development to promote applied research in the direction of generative artificial intelligence.

With the gradual application of generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) based on large language model and GPT technology, the system can automatically generate text, image, audio, video and other forms of content through a variety of artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision and so on. Thus, it also further promotes the re-innovation of management software.

Combined with the customer application scenarios of Ronghe Technology, we will innovate a series of application products in basic generative artificial intelligence applications, such as knowledge retrieval, chat robots, document generation, document data management, intelligent code development, and deep business management application scenarios, such as intelligent modeling based on business data, business prediction and deduction, intelligent decision-making, and so on.

Continuous innovation is not only the gene of integrating science and technology, but also the source of continuous market vitality. Ronghe Technology will continue to adhere to the original intention of independent innovation, through continuous technological innovation to help customers achieve higher value returns.

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