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FAW Toyota pays 5000 yuan purchase tax subsidy and 6000 yuan replacement subsidy for some of its models.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 1, as 2023 enters the last month, everyone is a little closer to the double 12 promotion. In addition to the common consumer-grade electronic products, major car companies have also announced the launch of double 12 promotion.

FAW Toyota announced today that some of its models will enjoy a time-limited purchase tax of 5000 yuan from December 1 to December 18, as well as policies such as a replacement subsidy of up to 6000 yuan from December 9 to September 10 next year.

According to reports, the event covers FAW Toyota New Corolla, New RAV4 Rong Fang, New Asian Dragon, Grevia, Crown Lu Fang, Ling Fang, Ruifang, Asian Lion, Yize and other models. inquiry found that the current FAW Toyota New Corolla manufacturer guidance price is 11.68-155800 yuan, new RAV4 Rongfang guidance price 17.68-263800 yuan, New Asian Dragon guidance price 19.98-279800 yuan.

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