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Ford recalls 5744 imported Mustang Mustangs and will reconfigure the parameters of the body control module for users free of charge

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Shulou( Report--, December 1, Ford Motor (China) Co., Ltd. filed the recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products and the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products.

Ford has decided to recall a total of 5744 sixth-generation Mustang vehicles manufactured during the period from August 6, 2019 to October 10, 2022, starting from December 22, 2023.

According to reports, due to the misconfiguration of the body control module in the scope of this recall, when the brake fluid is reduced to the lowest standard liquid level, the vehicle cannot issue an alarm, which in extreme cases may affect the braking effect of the vehicle and increase the risk of collision. there are safety risks.

Ford Motor (China) Co., Ltd. said it would eliminate safety risks by authorizing imported car dealers to reconfigure body control module parameters for vehicles covered by the recall free of charge.

Ford Motor (China) Co., Ltd. will notify the relevant users in the form of registered letter, and the authorized dealers of Ford imported cars will take the initiative to contact users to arrange free maintenance. query found that the sixth generation Mustang was unveiled in Dearborn, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Shanghai and Sydney on December 5, 2013. the current guidance price of Ford imported Mustang Mustang is 36.98-401800 yuan.

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