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Central state-owned enterprises join hands with Huawei Cloud to practice deep cloud use and lead high-quality development

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Central state-owned enterprises have always been an important pillar of the national economy, and the digital transformation of central state-owned enterprises has become an important direction and support for the reform of state-owned enterprises. With the advent of the intelligent era, the digital transformation of central state-owned enterprises is becoming more and more realistic. carrying out digitization on the base of cloud and practicing deep use of cloud will bring structural impetus for the development of central state-owned enterprises.

On November 30, during the Huawei Cloud Industry Summit Forum 2023, the industry forum "Central State-owned Enterprises, Yunshang Youwei" was successfully held. Representatives of more than 100 central state-owned enterprises gathered in Beijing to talk about high-quality development. Liu Jia, vice president of Huawei's China government and enterprise business, attended and delivered a speech, saying that central state-owned enterprises are the backbone of the digital integration strategy. Huawei has explored and innovated together with more than 50 central enterprises and more than 200 state-owned enterprises. In the future, from the strategic perspective of building new competitive advantages, Huawei hopes to further deepen cooperation with central state-owned enterprises in the three aspects of core technology breakthrough, value scene building and digital ecological construction, and jointly build a digital bridge towards Chinese-style modernization.

Liu Jia, Vice President of Government and Enterprise Business of Huawei China

Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said in a speech at the meeting that central state-owned enterprises, as an important support for China's economic and social development, are taking immediate actions to help China's scientific and technological self-reliance, and Huawei Cloud is willing to work with the industry for a win-win breakthrough. During this period, on behalf of Huawei Cloud and Dongfeng Group, FAW Group, Changan Group, COFCO Group, Shandong Energy Group, China Software Industry Association, Sifang Weiye, Huitie Technology, Mayansen and other enterprises and institutions, Shang Haifeng jointly launched "promising in the Cloud-Central State-owned Enterprises' double hundred Action". As a strategic cooperation media, CCTV will continue to pay attention to and spread the action. " In the future, "double hundred Action" plans to jointly build 100 + intelligent industry scenario solutions to accelerate the deep use of the cloud in the core production business; set up a joint expert team to quickly incubate industrial results; and precipitate the industry assets and best practices of state-owned enterprises. At the same time, jointly create 100 + leading industry benchmarking demonstration projects, joint practice to conquer core technologies, set up benchmarking, form industry demonstration effect, promote industrial quality improvement and efficiency, experience sharing, and empower industrial upgrading.

Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei hybrid cloud

Create a sustainable and solid cloud service base to drive the application lifecycle change of central state-owned enterprises

Xu Feng, general manager of Huawei Cloud PaaS Service products Department, said that central state-owned enterprises should cloud and modernize key applications, and continue to reform and innovate applications. Only by continuously deepening the digital capability of R & D can we release the ultimate efficiency and creativity of R & D and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. Huawei Cloud CodeArts is committed to R & D digitalization, carrying Huawei's 30 years of excellent R & D practices and tools, creating an R & D cloud of "experience first, people do not wait for machines", driving application lifecycle change, accelerating the digital transformation of central state-owned enterprises, and helping to achieve high-quality modern enterprises.

Xu Feng, General Manager of Huawei Cloud PaaS Service products Department

During the conference, Hu Yuhai, vice president and minister of product management of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, delivered a keynote speech in which he stressed that the digital transformation of central state-owned enterprises requires a new technological ecology of "innovation, reliability, credibility and neutrality". Huawei Cloud continues to focus on root technology input, opening up multiple computing power, core software capabilities, digital transformation experience and best practices in the form of cloud services. Establish a full stack technology system from computing power, operating system, database to large model and development production line, and provide a sustainable and solid cloud service base for the digitalization of central state-owned enterprises.

Hu Yuhai, vice president and head of product management of Huawei Hybrid Cloud

Li Wei, general manager of Huawei Cloud's EI service product division, delivered a keynote speech from the perspective of AI enabling thousands of industries, saying that the big model is driving AI from "workshop" to "industrialization", from "perception" to "creation". Huawei Cloud hopes to create multiple peer-to-peer computing power to provide new productivity for central state-owned enterprises through two major technological innovations in the large model era, and Pangu large model supports a variety of deployment forms, speeding up the intelligent construction process of central state-owned enterprises, AI reshaping thousands of industries, and promoting the high-quality development of central state-owned enterprises.

Practice in-depth use of clouds to cast first-class enterprises

Wang Longjun, director of Cofco Xinke Cloud Management Center, said in the sharing that based on the Cofco Group 527 "Digital Intelligence COFCO" master plan, landing "one cloud bearing", to build an intensive, efficient, flexible, safe and reliable "Cofco E cloud" platform, provide an integrated, full-stack, secure and controllable digital base for business innovation, and provide strong support for the group's digital transformation.

Li Hongwei, director of the digital department of Dongfeng Group, shared Dongfeng Group's intelligent experience, saying that Dongfeng Group built Dongfengyun based on Huawei Cloud Stack as a solid base for digital transformation. Through "building the cloud, managing the cloud and making good use of the cloud in depth", we can make the technology smarter, use it more securely, develop more efficiently, support the upgrading of business intelligence of the whole group, and accelerate the construction of customer-centered digital Dongfeng.

Zhang Yuekun, general manager of Beijing Beijing Control Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said that cloud, a state-owned enterprise built by Beijing North Control Digital Technology Co., Ltd., aims to serve the development of digital industry in the capital. Based on Huawei Cloud Stack, it comprehensively builds the support capabilities of cloud, usage and intelligence, and provides full-stack solutions for independent innovation and digital transformation of municipal enterprises. Let the cloud innovation work "simplify", let the digital transformation "promising on the cloud".

Liang Fang, vice president of Huitie Technology Co., Ltd., shared Huitie's technological innovation experience around Huawei Yunpangu CV visual model. Based on Huawei Cloud Stack, Huitie Technology developed the landing scene of the first AI large model railway industry solution-TFDS, that is, truck fault trackside image detection system. Up to now, it has been installed and deployed in 12 road bureaus, and the effect of large-scale application is obvious. Among them, Zhengzhou Bureau and Chengdu Bureau have realized the formal application on a large scale, combining the application of intelligent identification system into the TFDS dynamic inspection operation process, and truly achieved the development goal of improving quality and efficiency and ensuring safety in science and technology.

Chang Tianqi, Huawei's cloud travel product director, shared Huawei's cloud travel plan based on Huawei's practice, saying that digital travel is not only a technological innovation, but also a change in management thinking. Huawei cloud travel provides enterprises with efficient, intelligent and secure digital solutions, and jointly explores the path of digital transformation with enterprises, helping enterprises to enhance the value of travel in an all-round way from the three aspects of experience, management and operation.

Create a safe, reliable and efficient hybrid cloud and create a better life with technological innovation

Huawei Cloud Stack continues to strive to build a safe, reliable and efficient hybrid cloud, and now occupies a leading position in several market segments of central state-owned enterprises, such as manufacturing, power, industrial cloud, industrial Internet and automotive cloud. Recently, IDC, the world's leading IT market research and consulting company, has just released the China Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Vendor Assessment, which conducts a comprehensive evaluation of 14 hybrid cloud solution providers. Among them, Huawei Cloud ranks the leading category, and its product capacity and market share both rank first in the market, and continue to lead the whole industry.

While achieving business leadership, Huawei Cloud Stack will continue to work with customers to achieve high-quality development, make technology more hot, make digitization more valuable, and create a better life through technological innovation.

The wind is strong on a journey of ten thousand miles, and a thousand troops can only bear the heavy responsibility. Central state-owned enterprises play an important role in the development of digital economy, and play an important role in scientific and technological innovation, industrial structure, security support and other measures to strengthen and rejuvenate the country. In the future, HuaWeiYun will continue to give full play to its technological advantages, build a solid cloud base for digital China, and work with central state-owned enterprises to build world-class enterprises.

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