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Microsoft plans to launch Game Pass on PlayStation and Nintendo game consoles

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Shulou( Report--, December 1, Game Pass subscription model has been launched on Xbox and PC platforms, and has become a signature service of Xbox platform. The latest news is that Microsoft plans to launch Game Pass on rival platforms of Nintendo and Sony. quoted game media VGC as saying that Tim Stuart, chief financial officer of Xbox, recently attended the Wells Fargo TMT summit and talked about Microsoft's ultimate goals for Game Pass and other Microsoft services.

Stewart stressed that one of Microsoft's visions is to allow players to play games on any screen. "this means smart TVs, mobile devices, and PlayStation and Nintendo, previously called competitors," he explained. "Let's start with Nvidia's game subscription GeForce Now."

Phil Spencer, chief executive of Microsoft Gaming, has expressed the desire for "Game Pass anywhere" in the past, but admitted in 2020 that rival platforms were not particularly interested in running Xbox fully on its hardware.

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