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Google sued Microsoft to UK CMA for anti-competitive behavior in cloud computing.

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Shulou( Report--, December 1, Google has complained to the British Competition and Market Authority (CMA) about Microsoft, accusing it of anti-competitive behavior in the cloud computing market.

Google said in the allegation that under Microsoft's existing licensing model, customers cannot use Azure cloud services with other competitor services, thus limiting consumers' right to make their own choices.

Google has submitted six recommendations to CMA, including improving interoperability between Azure and other cloud services and banning Microsoft from concealing security updates from customers who switch to other providers.

In the UK public cloud infrastructure market, both AWS and Azure have a market share of 70-80 per cent, while Google's cloud emissions are third, with only 5-10 per cent, according to 2022 data from Ofcom.

Microsoft responded by denying Google's allegations, saying it had worked with a number of cloud providers to address concerns and promote competition, while licensing was fair and non-discriminatory. reported in June that Google complained to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that Microsoft had anti-competitive behavior and used unfair licensing conditions to "lock in customers" in order to manipulate the cloud computing market.

Google's letter to FTC is in response to FTC's request in March for possible anti-competitive behavior in the cloud computing industry. Reported that Google pointed directly at Microsoft in the letter, criticizing Microsoft for making it difficult for customers to use services from other suppliers except Microsoft's Azure cloud service through Windows Server and Microsoft Offices products. Google describes Microsoft's licensing restrictions as "complex networks" that prevent corporate customers from choosing software vendors.

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