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KFC launches KFC Christmas multi-functional electric cooker with a twin-fort package of 89.9 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 1 (Xinhua)-- KFC announced the launch of its first Christmas limited product, the KFC Christmas multi-functional electric cooker, which is priced at 89.9 yuan with the Twin Castle package.

According to reports, the electric cooker uses the classic family bucket shape, red and white color matching, the integration of Christmas elements.

In terms of hardware parameters, the pot has 800ml capacity, is equipped with non-stick pot coating, and has a maximum power of 500W.

Buy a Christmas electric hot pot Shuangbao happy party package, along with a KFC Christmas multi-functional electric hot pot, the price is 89.9 yuan.

In addition, you can also get the electric cooker by buying a 175-yuan "Christmas huge bucket electric hot pot version", which contains the following contents:

Spicy chicken burgers * 2, old Beijing chicken rolls * 1, spicy meat crispy fried sauce Crispy Chicken * 1, spicy chicken wings * 2, golden chicken nuggets * 5, hot fried chicken rice (small) * 1, crispy pearl mousse cake * 1, Pepsi (middle) * 3 cups, KFC Christmas multi-functional electric cooker * 1

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