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Unique halo and dare to be extraordinary-- the third generation Snapdragon 8 helps Meizu 21 build a new peak of flagship aesthetics and performance.

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On November 30, Meizu held the 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference and officially launched Meizu 21, which is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, and became the king of interactive experience in the history of Meizu with extraordinary performance.

Meizu 21 is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8, and its Kryo CPU adopts the upgraded "1-5-2" architecture, with the highest main frequency up to 3.3GHz, a performance improvement of up to 30% compared with the previous generation, and an energy efficiency improvement of up to 20%. Users can experience faster application startup, smoother web browsing, and better multitasking performance. At the same time, the third-generation Qualcomm Adreno GPU of Snapdragon 8 has also been fully upgraded, increasing graphics rendering speed by up to 25% compared with the previous generation, not only that, but also maintaining industry-leading energy efficiency, making the user's game experience smoother, more immersive, and more lasting. The third generation Snapdragon 8's Qualcomm AI engine has also been significantly improved, which adopts enhanced architecture and greatly improves Hexagon NPU performance for generative AI applications, and can support a variety of generative AI applications. Based on the excellent terminal-side AI hard core capability of the third generation Snapdragon 8, combined with Meizu OneMind intelligence engine, it can bring users a better AI experience. Not only that, with the blessing of the Flyme AI model, Meizu 21 can become a "question-and-answer encyclopedia". With a great deal of knowledge, Aicy can answer natural science, life knowledge, health knowledge, emotional Q & An and other questions. It can also make writing easy and efficient, and generate paintings based on creative inspiration, bringing a richer AI experience.

In terms of games, the third generation Snapdragon 8 supports new Snapdragon Elite Gaming features and a new upgrade of the Adreno image motion engine to bring a smoother gaming experience. A number of large-scale heavy-duty mobile games can easily fill frames in Meizu 21, together with Meizu's flagship mEngine Ultra tactile engine, so that players can enjoy a more immersive game experience.

In terms of imaging, the third generation Snapdragon 8 supports Snapdragon Sight Snapdragon imaging technology, and its new AI function brings a revolutionary new imaging experience to smartphones. The third-generation Snapdragon 8 uses 18-bit 3 ISP that can capture up to 3.2 megapixels per second, support up to 200 megapixels for photo shooting, and increase the number of recognizable semantic layers to 12, greatly increasing the detail in the photos. At the same time, Meizu 21 has built a real 200 million instant flagship imaging system. With the blessing of the star flow image AI, 200 megapixel photos can be quickly straightened out, bringing shocking details. With the portrait of Meizu 21 and the unmistakable four times lossless single mirror zoom, every extraordinary moment can be recorded at any time.

Meizu 21 is also equipped with a second-generation Qualcomm 3D Sonic off-screen fingerprint sensor, which uses ultrasonic technology to read the 3D features of users' fingers and construct accurate fingerprint images. Even in the case of wet fingers, it can quickly and accurately identify user fingerprints and experience instant unlocking in multiple scenes.

In addition, the conference also launched the MYVU Discovery exploratory version of AR glasses, which carries the Snapdragon W5 wearable platform using 4nm process technology, bringing ultra-low power consumption and breakthrough performance. Through the Meizu Flyme Link,MYVU Discovery to achieve the AR industry calculation, life, weight of the "impossible triangle". With the mobile phone equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8, it can provide high computing power for glasses, reduce the power consumption of glasses, achieve a win-win situation of high computing power and long range, and create an integrated AR experience of travel, work, life and entertainment for users.

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