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Morris launched PINPOP anti-loss device: support Apple "find" the network, AirTag the same size, get 64 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 1 news, Morris is currently on the e-commerce platform to set up a new PINPOP anti-loss device, known as "a year does not need to change the battery", support Apple "find" network, with IP66 waterproof, the normal price of 75 yuan, is currently offering a discount to the hand price of 64 yuan.

According to officials, the anti-loss device, known as Apple's AirTag "flat replacement", lasts for one year, can perform "global positioning", supports "finding" App connections, has a lost mode, a buzzer 80dB, and an iPhone that can connect 16 PINPOP. also found that the anti-loss device is the same size as Apple's AirTag, compatible with a series of keychains, and has five colors. Momez anti-loss device 64 yuan direct link

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