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144Hz Mini LED screen: millet 75 inch S Pro TV 5661 yuan new product for the first time

2024-02-28 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Xiaomi launched the S Pro 75-inch Mini LED TV in October this year, with 4K@144Hz + 1152 backlight partition + 2200nits peak brightness, with an official listing price of 6599 yuan and an initial price of 5999 yuan. sells for 5999 yuan today. After adding multiple discounts below, he actually pays 5661.05 yuan for free delivery:

Buy Beijing owner's seasonal card for 9.9 yuan and issue 2 coupons for 499-40 yuan per month: click here to get the coupon.

When you join the shopping cart, you choose to trade in the old for the new *, the mall will cut it by 5%, and the actual payment will be as low as 5661.05 yuan. Xiaomi TV S Pro 75 inch Mini LED 2200nits 4K 144Hz discount 5661.05 yuan direct link * this trade-in support for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other small home appliances, if not, you can go to the second-hand platform to buy one, enough to meet the 20 yuan recycling threshold.

The trade-in of old goods has nothing to do with the quality of old goods, as long as there is a "corpse" of the corresponding goods.

According to reports, this TV is equipped with 4K 144Hz high-brush Mini LED screen, peak brightness 2200nits, support 1.07 billion colors, Δ E ≈ 1, Dolby horizon / panoramic sound.

It is equipped with quad-core A73 processor, 4GB + 64GB storage, metal full screen, Wi-Fi 6, dual HDMI 2.1 interface, NFC remote control and so on. Xiaomi TV S Pro 75 inch Mini LED 2200nits 4K 144Hz discount 5661.05 yuan direct link

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