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The ninth anniversary of Hesi's national joint customer activities, sharing important digital financial information on the spot.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the ninth anniversary of the national joint customer enterprise series activities with the theme of "working together, saving infinity" came to a successful conclusion. In Beijing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, Hesi gathered with customers to conduct in-depth exchanges and sharing on financial and tax file topics such as the digital transformation of corporate finance and the application practice of electronic accounting files.


Think about the file, deeply excavate the application value of data

With the arrival of the standard of telegram and electronic voucher, the traditional paper file management strategy has been unable to meet the requirements of financial file management in the financial digital era. Enterprises urgently need to pay attention to how to achieve compliance storage of accounting vouchers under the new standard. Hesi Archives, through a number of "national pilot projects" exploration, as well as a large number of enterprise visits and research, to create a series of solutions for the digital management of financial archives. From the perspective of financial file management, financial audit and tax audit, this paper polishes the integrity, authenticity, availability and security of financial archives, so that the electronic accounting file system can really become the most critical moat of financial business.

At the event site, Chai Xiaonan, head of the Heshi Intelligent ticket filing Division, said that financial file management should be the "gatekeeper" of financial compliance and financial control, and electronic accounting files should play a full role in it. " When it comes to financial file management, enterprises usually focus on the paper consumption, labor cost, storage cost and so on. In fact, financial archives have more value. What Heshi archives should do is to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time. Create the application value of financial files. "

Chai Xiaonan, head of Hesi intelligent ticket business department

Chai Xiaonan believes that in the process of the popularity of all categories of electronic tickets, including electronic train tickets and electronic air tickets, digital tickets in XML format will bring new challenges to financial file management, and the form of enterprise accounting voucher management from paper storage to PDF, OFD visual file storage, and then to the structured data storage of XML with electronic tickets, the storage media is undergoing subversive changes. Unreadable form of XML grid tickets, where can enterprises feel more at ease? Enterprises are faced with the problem of compliance storage, and at the same time, the content of bill management needs to change from the management of transaction elements of a single invoice to the presentation of comprehensive data in the financial accounting dimension after the package of several bills.

Welcome to the official Wechat account to download the "Hesi Archives Product Handbook"

Through years of exploration and practice, Hesi Archives has summed up the transformation and upgrading methodology of financial archives management: in project planning, it focuses on three key points: media management, data management and process management; in terms of project landing, it focuses on six directions: data foundation, data assembly, large amount of data calculation, intelligent data checking, original management of electronic vouchers, and paper-electric hybrid physical management. So that enterprises can also have a single set of electronic accounting file management solutions in the paper-electric hybrid period.


Joint thinking more economical plan to help enterprises to "save more than the province"

In the face of the difficult problem of "reducing cost and increasing efficiency" of enterprises, we jointly launched a "more economical" plan, which is based on the advantages of all-link products and the advanced concept of object accounting to help enterprises to be "more economical than saving". To achieve the whole staff to participate in the "save money", the whole process optimization "save" and break into parts "save worry".

Yan Yujie, Senior Vice President of the Government and Enterprise Division of Hesi

In the view of Yan Yujie, senior vice president of the government and enterprise division of Hesi, many enterprises have been trying to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but they have not been able to see any results. in the absence of effective digital tools, the plight of enterprises that cannot be seen clearly, can not be understood, and cannot be controlled is widespread. " To reduce costs and increase efficiency is not only to save costs and improve efficiency, but also to make enterprises really save money, trouble and worry through digital transformation. As a digital tool with object accounting as the core, Hesi can help enterprises find causes in the capillaries of the organization, build agile financial revenue and expenditure management solutions for enterprises, and help enterprises to achieve the 'three provinces'. "

Zhang Lu, General Manager of Huabei region

Zhang Lu, general manager of Hesi North China region, said, "Cash flow is not only a new survival strategy, but also a new valuation logic." There has always been an idea in Mr. Buffett's investment philosophy: look at operating cash flow. After we bid farewell to the macro changes of rapid growth, we must also change our concept from growth expansion to the strategic track of cash as king. At present, a large number of enterprises are trapped in the unlimited entanglement between business development and cost control, and the pressure of reducing costs and increasing efficiency is unprecedented. The original intention of issuing the "more economical" plan is to help enterprises solve these problems. "

Tong Peize, chief product architect of Hesi

At the meeting site, Tong Peize, chief product architect of Hesi, introduced the value of the "Hesi saving plan" for enterprise applications, "based on the full-link product advantage of Hesi. Build a set of business-centric financial management solutions for enterprises. First, through no reimbursement and accounting automation, financial and business personnel can be liberated from the complicated work of reporting and accounting; second, through the single system of thinking files, the comprehensive compatibility of the paper-electric hybrid era has been realized, so that the transition period can go more smoothly. Third, through the various scenarios in which the business card, payment and collection cover the income and expenditure of the enterprise, and combine the new characteristics and new situation of the electric ticket in the era of counting electric tickets to optimize the whole process of the enterprise's industry and money. Fourth, through object accounting and Heshi BI, we can integrate the income and expenditure data deposited in the whole process, so that the business results can be presented in real time microscopically and macroscopically, so that everyone is an operator, and further reduce the consensus decision-making cost of the enterprise. "

Resultant province

When buying any product of Hesi, Hesi Mall will set up a bonus pool for enterprises in proportion to encourage employees to take the initiative to reduce business consumption costs, so that enterprises do not have to pay out of their own pocket.

Buy and pay for it

Put an end to big data and choose products to pay for each purchase, so as to make the enterprise feel more at ease with each consumption.

Bank supplement

Through the bank ecological connection designated financial system, we can obtain the double subsidy rights and interests of Hesi products and bank financial products.


Think together for nine years and move forward frankly

Malinson, general manager of Hesi South China region, said that in the nine years since its establishment, Hesi has opened the entire cost control reimbursement link through extensive connections, built an agile expense control reimbursement management platform, and exported the "no reimbursement" grading standard for the industry. and further build an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform to achieve brand upgrading from "easy Express" to "Hesi".

Marinson, General Manager of Hesi South China region

Based on the extensive connection of business and consumption scenarios, we have constructed a new and complete product matrix of financial revenue and expenditure management-- fee control, payment, collection, file and BI, and constructed a full-scene financial application matrix from collection to payment, from business to finance, and from control to analysis. Over the past nine years, Hesi's growth and progress are inseparable from the support and trust of customers. at present, Hesi has carried more than 6000 paying enterprise customers, with online automatic flow amount of 190 billion, manual flow amount of 1.3 trillion, and paperless carbon reduction of 700000 kg without reimbursement. In a sample survey of third-party ecological partners, it can be seen that 3 out of every 5 enterprises that are using expense control reimbursement software are using Heshi.

In the future, Hesi will continue to provide enterprises with "integrated revenue and expenditure" financial digital services through a flexible and widely connected financial revenue and expenditure management system, so as to help enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading of financial digitization in the whole scene.

Welcome to the official account of "Hesi" Wechat to download the report.

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