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Why is it glory that leads the iteration of screen eye protection technology?

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Shulou( Report--

Whether it is the recently released Redmi K70 series or the upcoming one plus 12 series, it is not difficult for consumers to find that screen eye protection has become the focus of publicity for mobile phone manufacturers. For consumers, this change is undoubtedly gratifying. After all, eye protection function has gradually become the rigid demand of more and more consumers.

In the past, especially for some large international companies, although they have long occupied a dominant position in screen technology, they have ignored the most basic eye protection needs of consumers, and consumers can only regard mobile screen eye protection as a "luxury" demand choice.

Today, this situation has changed, screen eye protection has become the selling point of every new machine, eye protection technology has been picked up by mobile phone manufacturers, attention, and began to "roll in."

In fact, no matter the iterative development of screen eye protection technology, or the cognition and change of mobile phone manufacturers' attitude towards eye protection, there is no way to bypass a brand-Glory.

Eye guard screen overnight "in the right direction", the glory from the loner to the leader

On November 16, Glory officially established the Oasis Eye Care Lab. On the basis of joining with 10 + research institutions and owning 100 + eye protection related patents, 1 billion + R & D expenses will be invested in the next 3 years. Adhere to the new research direction of humanization, specialization and standardization.

It is reported that Glory will cooperate in the four major fields of eye care standards and evaluation system construction, eye health and biomedicine, advanced screen technology, scientific research and academic units, together with more partners such as Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and treatment Center, Chinese Institute of Standardization, Rheinland, BOE, Vishino, Tianma, and international TOP100 universities, to continue to cultivate eye care technology to create a display oasis for global consumers.

On November 23, at the launch of the Glory 100 series of new products, Glory unveiled a new "Oasis" screen, the biggest highlight of which is "Eye Protection". Oasis eye protection screen can achieve similar natural light eye protection, which is equipped with oasis eye protection screen Glory 100Pro, supports 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming, can simulate natural light zero strobe, simulate natural light brightness change, simulate natural light time change and other functions, claims that harmful blue light is less than 5.6%, and increases melatonin secreted by the human body by 20%.

The Glory Oasis Eye screen is not exclusive to the Glory 100 series, including the upcoming Honor New GT series of phones, which will also be equipped with Oasis Eye screen, which means that the Oasis Eye screen will become the common selling point of the next Glory new phone.

After the meeting, Glory CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that it took Glory three years to build industry-leading eye protection technologies such as 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming, which have been shared with the entire industry through partners. Zhao Ming called on competitors to speed up the follow-up of the technology and use technological advances to benefit more consumers.

After the release of the Glory Oasis Eye screen, the Redmi K70 series flagship machine was scheduled for November 29, bringing the "Castle Peak Eye Protection" screen. According to reports, its joint authoritative Eye Hospital customized 6 dimensions, 19 test indicators, and brought the "Castle Peak Eye Protection" screen, which is known as the "epoch-making eye protection solution". The one plus 12 phone, which will be released on December 5, also focuses on promoting its own screen eye protection technology-the first medical-grade "bright eye protection", which claims to bring unprecedented screen eye protection capabilities.

There is no doubt that screen eye protection has become the common focus of consumers and mobile phone manufacturers. As Glory Jiang Hairong said, after the release of the Glory Oasis Eye screen, Eye Protection seems to be "in the right direction" overnight, becoming an industry trend.

In the past few years, only Glory has unremittingly devoted himself to the research and development of eye protection technology. It can be said that Glory used to be a "lonely" contestant on the technical track of screen eye protection, but it is precisely because of the advantage of technology that today's glory has become the leader of eye protection.

Why is it glory that leads the iteration of screen eye protection technology?

Since New Glory became independent three years ago, it has continuously made use of its R & D strength and leading industrial chain advantages to promote the innovation and landing of eye protection technology.

For example, on the early Glory 50 series, Glory introduced 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming for the first time. Subsequently, the glory Magic4 series launched the domestic LTPO technology, the glory Magic Vs launched the VICO A + class natural light eye protection and sleep-aiding display technology, the glory Magic5 series introduced 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming technology, the glory 90 series launched the 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming technology, and the glory 100 series creatively released the "Glory Oasis Eye screen".

In the past three years, Glory has invested more than 1 billion yuan in the research and development of eye screens and obtained more than 500 display-related patents, of which more than 100 are eye protection-related patents.

The first-mover advantage of technology and the long accumulation of innovation in the field of eye protection make Glory far ahead of the industry, and continue to promote the common progress of the industry-since 2021, 12 mobile phone brands have adopted the high-frequency PWM dimming eye protection technology route dominated by Glory.

The first-mover advantage of this technology, in fact, can also honor its own concept of two-wheel drive innovation is inseparable.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, in the past, large international companies have always ignored the most basic eye protection needs of consumers in screen innovation, but the demand for eye protection has always existed, and with the decline of LCD screen mobile phones, this voice is getting stronger and stronger.

Glory always adheres to the concept of consumer-centered product innovation, and naturally takes the lead in paying attention to the potential needs of consumers' eye health, so it takes the lead in entering the field of health display, through technological innovation, continue to bring users a more healthy and comfortable visual experience.

Today, when the industry realizes the importance of eye protection screen and the strong demand gap, Glory takes the lead in building the Glory Oasis Eye Protection Laboratory, and regards Oasis Eye Protection as a long-term development direction. join hands with industry partners to innovate and jointly speed up the landing of screen eye protection technology innovation.

In this process, Oasis Eye Protection Lab can also serve as a unique technology reserve pool for Glory, continuously providing a variety of industry-leading eye protection technology for Glory, tamping the position of the leader.

Write at the end

At present, eye protection has become a glorious and unique brand mind. Facing the future of eye protection, Glory plans to invest more than 1 billion in research and development within three years to explore the future of intelligent terminal eye protection.

Adhere to the people-centered extreme productivism, adhere to the "two-wheel drive" concept innovation, which is the core reason why Glory can lead the iteration of screen eye protection technology. Eye protection is only a small crystallization on the road of glory and innovation, as well as the mass production of millions of folding screen phones, glory 100 series SLR photo cameras, Qinghai Lake batteries, and a series of leading achievements such as communications, battery life, and systems.

The glory of three years of independence is swimming to the "broad sky" at a "glorious speed".

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