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Tesla launched a $55 glass crack decal for Cybertruck pickup trucks after paying tribute to the iron ball smashing the car window.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1 news, Tesla's first batch of Cybertruck announced the first batch of delivery at 5: 00 this morning Beijing time, Musk did not forget to be "funny" today, in Tesla Mall on the shelf around a strange work: the price of $55 ( Note: currently about 393 yuan) Cybertruck pickup glass crack decal.

The decal is called "OMFG DECAL" and OMFG is an acronym for "Oh my f***ing god" to express emotion. The decal is designed in the form of glass cracks to pay tribute to the moment when the car glass was smashed by an iron ball four years ago.

At the time, Musk and Tesla's chief designer team tried to slam the car's glass with iron balls, which were fine in the free fall experiment, but both were smashed when they hit the front and rear windows on the left. Mr Musk has said the problem will be "fixed" at a later stage.

In another test after 2019, workers also hit the window glass with a metal ball, but this time the glass was intact.

It's worth mentioning that during the early morning delivery event, designer Franz von Horzhausen (still the one who smashed the window four years ago) threw a baseball at the window, leaving the glass intact.

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