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Information Security head Enterprise Principal Century actively embraces Hongmeng and has completed the development of the core version of Hongmeng native SDK.

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Since China announced in September this year that the new Hongmeng HarmonyOS NEXT was ready to launch and the Hongmeng native application was fully launched, many Huawei partners have embraced Hongmeng ecology, forming a scene of "Hongmeng thousands of sails". As China's leading provider of information security products and solutions, Beijing Xinan Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinan Century) recently officially announced that it has completed the development of the core version of Hongmeng native SDK, and will carry out further client development in the future.

Principal Century is the earliest professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development and application of PKI technology in China. Based on commercial password technology, its full range of products have passed the testing of the State password Administration and obtained product certification certificates. Principal Century is deeply engaged in the information security industry, providing information security products and solutions for 400 + banks and 500 + institutions, including one bank, one general administration for a while, as well as government departments involved in 200 + national economy and people's livelihood application systems, and more than 70% of China's top 100 enterprises. It is a benchmark enterprise in the field of information security in China.

Today, Principal Century and Huawei cooperate based on HarmonyOS, which can not only efficiently identify customers' personalized needs and provide services actively through powerful AI technology, but also realize multi-screen flow between devices through unique distributed technology, further expand the hardware lineup of security product usage scenarios, and bring new experiences to users. At the same time, HarmonyOS also has the high-level security and privacy protection that users have always trusted, combining the profound technical strength of Principal Century in the field of commercial passwords, which undoubtedly enhances the competitiveness of security products.

Principal Century has now completed the development of the core version of Hongmeng original SDK, and like many other partners, it will continue to carry out in-depth Hongmeng cooperation with Huawei. According to data in August this year, the number of devices of Hongmeng Ecology has exceeded 700 million, and 2.2 million developers have devoted themselves to the development of Hongmeng Ecology. In just three months, the number of HarmonyOS 4 upgraded devices has exceeded 100 million.

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