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Shulou online alien computer overseas self-operated stores, the same configuration price is 30% discount of the Bank of China.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen epace for the clue delivery! December 1 news, aliens (Alienware) overseas self-management area recently launched: click here to check.

Officials said that the zone is an one-stop cooperation model for overseas directly connected brand manufacturers created by All the goods are collected by enterprises, providing consumers with a higher degree of trust and shopping sense of security. The goods purchased by consumers are declared to the customs by warehouse and distributed by direct mail consumer search found that the prices of goods sold in overseas self-owned stores of alien computers were significantly lower than those of the same configuration models of the Bank of China. The i7 + RTX 4060 + 32G + 1T configuration of the alien X14 R2 notebook is 21999 yuan, and the overseas self-owned store price is 15199 yuan, and the latter is about 30% discount of the former. learned from the customer service office of the overseas self-owned store of Alien computer that the goods sold in the overseas self-owned store of Alien computer are American Bank of America. The differences between Bank of America and VS are as follows:

1, plug national standard American standard difference, will present the original official national standard line, after use is completely consistent.

2. The difference between Chinese and English in your own system, just install a Chinese language pack.

3. Warranty National Bank comes with home visit for 2 years + accident protection, while Bank of America is not bundled. It comes with a door-to-door visit for one year and can be renewed for a maximum of five years (900 / year for door-to-door and 150 / year for accident).

Alien (Alienware) overseas self-operated area: click here to go.

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