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In the third quarter, QQ dealt with 4.03 million illegal accounts, focusing on pornography, vulgarity and online hostility.

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According to news on December 1, Tencent issued an announcement on ecological governance of the QQ platform in the third quarter of 2023, with a total of 4.03 million illegal accounts dealt with by the platform, and carried out special actions and focused rectification on illegal content such as pornography, vulgarity and online hostility. noted that the QQ platform has carried out a step-by-step crackdown on fraud-related accounts and group chatting by cracking down on illegal accounts and group chatting, and prohibiting violators from registering again. In the third quarter of 2023, the platform handled more than 1.18 million illegal accounts and 228000 group chats.

For pornographic, vulgar drainage and other harmful information, the platform dealt with a total of 758000 illegal group chats and accounts, and blocked the relevant QR codes and web pages.

In response to the following types of cyber violence, the platform imposed ladder penalties on 84 accounts and cleaned up 6827 related violations.

The act of abusing and harassing others.

The act of "cyber manhunt" on others

The act of indiscriminately exposing the privacy of others.

The act of fabricating or disseminating false information about others.

Other cyber violence

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