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OpenHarmony Technology Club of Southeast University unveiled

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of Rong Naiyue and Xiao Zhanche to deliver! news on December 2, OpenAtom OpenHarmony official account posted that on the afternoon of November 25, the inauguration ceremony of "Southeast University OpenHarmony Technology Club" jointly organized by the Technical steering Committee of OpenAtom OpenHarmony Project Group and Southeast University was successfully held in the lecture hall on the first floor of Jinzhi Building, Jiulong Lake Campus of Southeast University.

Chen Haibo, chairman of OpenHarmony TSC, said that over the past three years, with the strong support of industry and academia, OpenHarmony has become one of the fastest growing intelligent terminal operating system open source communities; at the same time, OpenHarmony has also made rapid progress in industry-university-research collaboration. Up to now, more than 18 leading universities in China have set up "OpenHarmony Technology Club". noted that the future work of the OpenHarmony Technology Club of Southeast University will be carried out from two dimensions:

One is to design the curriculum around OpenHarmony and deeply participate in the cooperation of OpenHarmony open source community.

Second, through scientific research cooperation to solve the terminal operating system technical challenges, committed to technological innovation and open source contribution, to promote the development of man-machine-object integration field.

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