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The launch of the long March 5 rocket is approaching, and some roads in Wenchang, Hainan will be banned from 8: 00 on December 15 to 8: 00 the next day.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12, the official account of "Hainan Traffic Police" released news yesterday: in order to ensure the traffic safety, smooth flow, and order of roads in relevant areas of our province during the Wenchang rocket mission, the traffic police brigade of the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau decided to impose traffic control on the roads around the Wenchang space launch base and the roads leading to Wenchang.

Traffic control hours: 8: 00 on December 15 to 8: 00 on December 16, 2023.

Traffic control sections: Wenchang Donglong Line, Pulong Line, Tongbao Line (Liangmu Tsai intersection to Tongguling intersection), the eastern suburb section of Wenchang City (Jianhuashan intersection to Houlong Village intersection), Diamond Avenue, Qi Shui Bay Avenue, Ziwei Road, Caihong South Road, Caihong North Road, Qinglan Bridge and other roads. inquiry found that "Wenchang Aerospace Culture Tourism" official has revealed the launch mission, and opened the "long March 5 carrier rocket launch ceremony."

The long March 5 is a two-stage semi-configuration rocket bundled with four boosters, using non-toxic and non-polluting propellant. the total length of the rocket is 56.97 meters and the take-off mass is about 869 tons. it has the carrying capacity of 25 tons in low-earth orbit and 14 tons in geosynchronous transfer orbit. It can complete the launch tasks of all kinds of spacecraft, such as low-earth orbit satellite, geosynchronous transfer orbit satellite, sun-synchronous orbit satellite, space station, lunar probe and Mars probe.

According to previous official information, the Tianzhou VII cargo spacecraft is scheduled to be launched early next year and has now arrived at the Wenchang space launch site.

In addition, the Wenchang Space launch site is currently planning to build a new generation of manned lunar landing rocket launch station, manned lunar landing will set sail from here.

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