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Microsoft Spencer: carry the Lenovo Salvation handset with you when you travel, which is an extension of the Xbox host.

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Shulou( Report--, December 2 (Xinhua) Microsoft games business leader Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) recently told the media that he will travel with Lenovo rescuer Go game console, that these handsets are an extension of the Xbox game console.

Spencer specifically mentioned recent updates to the Xbox app, and under the leadership of Ashley McKissick, the team launched a compact model to optimize the experience on the handset.

Spencer is translated by as follows:

I now travel with my Lenovo savior Go handset, which is a great experience. I think these handsets are almost an extension of my Xbox game console.

For a long time, we have been promoting cross-platform games, cross-platform preservation, cross-platform progress. When I pick up the game, my progress on the game console will be displayed natively on this PDA, and this is not just cloud streaming.

I can play on the plane, or when I disconnect, which I think is crucial to what we are trying to achieve.

We have launched Xbox Play Anywhere, which has not made much progress, but it has always been a long-term part of our strategy.

When I see these PDAs appear, I think of what I play anywhere and my ability to carry a game library with me, and allow me to play these games on different devices, including Yunliu at some point. We are studying the ability to allow you to stream the games you have.

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