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The arcade game box can still be used in this way, BOSS feels a lot of pressure.

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In the vast majority of clearance games, boxes are indispensable props. Most of the items that players can get come from boxes. Of course, "box" is only a general term, as long as it is damaged, objects or buildings that can produce props are, although most of their appearance is not necessarily boxes, but the effect of shipping is the same.

The most representative character action games are the stones, corpses, jars, locked boxes, and imprisoned souls in Diablo. As long as we touch it, we can ship the goods, and it is estimated that every player has conducted a carpet search. Not to mention, many of the best equipment, weapons, substrates and props are blown out of boxes. Of course, there are traps in some boxes, and a gentle touch can have a burning, explosive or toxic effect.

RPG game boxes are also more interesting, boxes and even grades, ordinary boxes are wooden, relatively garbage shipments, while gold boxes, metal boxes or locked boxes can expose a large number of best props, similar to the "Xianjian 2" bell drum box, "Xianjian 3" attribute box. "Xianjian 1" is usually a wooden box, while the baby box contains the best equipment and the Golden Silkworm King.

There are many forms of boxes in arcade games, the most common of which are treasure boxes, wooden buckets, iron buckets and wooden boxes, which are closely related to the background of the game. Interestingly, in Knights of the Round Table, we can even eat the box directly for extra points. If it is cut open, the score may be a little more. Lucky enough, we can expose the magic wand, 1UP and Hongzhen.

In the past, all we knew was that boxes could reveal props and food. But how many players know that boxes in addition to explosive items, there are more functions to choose from!

There are three boxes in the Chronicles of the three Kingdoms that are used to trigger the BUG, and two of the seven passes appear. As long as the player stands up after cleaning up the enemy soldiers, the BUG will be triggered. And this BUG is malignant and may directly lead to a crash. Most of the players at that time knew it, but no one dared to try it easily.

After the BUG is triggered, all the characters go to the far left, and the game currency is exhausted.

However, if this happens, BUG will not be triggered.

As long as one of the three people walks into the room, you can switch the screen directly without dragging the screen to the far left, and will not enter the BUG state.

Before entering the animation, if Zhao Yun forcibly breaks the box, two of the characters will enter the room directly, while Zhao Yun will take a different path. Of course, the effect is the same, switch directly to the next scene, will not trigger BUG.

Another box that will trigger the BUG is at the Xiahou Dun checkpoint. We caught Xiahou Dun and took the box with us. In the meantime, Xiahou Dun will trigger BUG as long as he rushes in the direction of the horse. We can see that Xiahou Dun directly vacated the air and walked there. The trigger of this BUG is extremely difficult, so not many players have seen it with their own eyes. This is a vicious BUG. As soon as it triggers this Council, it will be declared to be over.

In fact, in many games, we can take the box away, of course, it must be a box containing food to have value. There is no need to take away other props. The most classic case is the four levels from the Chronicles of the three Kingdoms. In the second scene, there is a big piece of meat that can be brought directly to the back of the scene. Of course, players at level 6 can also enjoy the box with fish at the end of the scene.

In so many arcade games, it seems that only the Punisher and the violent Interpol can eat while lifting the box. How much effort does it take to do it?

The box is used to jump the customs. The boxes in the "whirlwind" series are very important life-saving tools. Never treat players badly. Basically, food can be beaten out of most boxes, and there are several boxes each time. In the original version, it was safe for players to jump on top of the box, and the soldiers would not destroy any of the boxes. In the case of multi-person cooperation, the box provides a key place for players to save their lives.

After that, CAPCOM debugged that the enemy soldiers did not hit the boxes. However, it did not cure this loophole, the revised version, the enemy soldiers do want to destroy the box, but not all the boxes have to be destroyed. This results in the continuation of BUG.

Players find that as long as we stand on the box at the end of the scene, we can directly spend the scene. All enemy soldiers do not have to fight, and during this period the enemy soldiers will not attack people. What is shown in the background animation is that the car has arrived at the station.

Players basically learned this trick in the later stage. Procrastination will play to the extreme, it is the existence of this BUG, so that many vegetable chicken players can stay out of it and pass easily. The owner of the game hall also found out a long time later, coupled with the popularity of other games. "whirlwind" was gradually replaced in the early 1990s.

Where do the enemy soldiers of arcade games like to hide the boxes? Yes, the box is definitely the best ambush point. This is true in many games, where the enemy soldier is hidden in the box, and the novice player mistakenly thinks that there are props, and as a result, the enemy soldier jumps out as soon as he opens it. However, if the players do not fight out the enemy soldiers, they will jump out by themselves after a while, anyway, they will not be able to pass without killing them.

This reminds the editor of the fear of playing "double Dragons 4". There is a box in an airtight room. I thought there would be any weapons and props inside. You should know that the weapons and props in it are very easy to use. After opening it, a group of black elite monsters jumped out directly, yes. At that time collapsed, this group of guys was originally a generation of BOSS, and now the strength has been enhanced, and learned skills, combat effectiveness is far beyond the Zhao five brothers ah!

In the "famous General", there are also many enemy soldiers hidden in fixed boxes, and we, who are familiar with the game, have long been ready to attack. Pointed the missile directly at them. Unfortunately, these enemy soldiers are invincible in the box and cannot be blown up together with the box. Otherwise, they probably won't even see the sun.

In Sin Warrior 2, there is a golden gangster who likes to hide in an iron bucket and release the fire bottle infinitely. We will get hurt as soon as we are touched. If you go straight over and pick up the box, the golden gangster will fall out of it and look very funny. The golden punk died when he was hit by a bucket.

In the Zero Secret Service, we can directly put the enemy soldiers in the box, then lift it up and walk to the next scene. As long as the box was raised in the hand, the enemy soldiers could not break free. The moment the box is thrown out, the enemy soldiers will lose blood, and if they hit others, they will also lose blood, and the box will fall out of props after it is blown up, which is food if you are lucky.

The boxes in Punisher are more useful than those in Punisher. If the player is hit by a robot while holding the box, it will not be hurt anyway, and the box will block it for the player. It is estimated that many people have encountered it, but they just don't realize it. Of course, if you are hit by other arms, you will be beaten if you have a box.

The box in the Punisher is very free, the player can move at will, and each box has to be hit several times before it will rot. Once upon a time, some players have tried to stack all the boxes on top of each other and lift them directly. It is true that some people in the game hall have done it, but most players end up in failure.

In theory, players can stack all the boxes in the game, depending on whether the player has the technology or not. As shown in the picture below, it looks easy, but the editor tried it a dozen times before he succeeded!

After the technical training is in place, we can even lift the box the moment our teammates jump on the box. In this way, the whole picture will be more spectacular.

In a shootout, when we lift up our teammates, we can quickly clear the soldiers from a condescending angle, which is very convenient. As shown below:

Box is an important prop for reward checkpoint. In many reward checkpoints, box-beating is the main method. It will take some time for these boxes to be broken directly. Generally, it can be knocked open through continuous hitting, a lot of props can be exposed, and points can be rewarded.

Two apples can be beaten out of the box of "Armageddon". If you don't eat them in time, they will disappear. The time for the reward level is tight.

If the box in the "Zero team" uses a bazooka, you can get millions of bonus points directly.

The reward level of "Beautiful New World" is to find props in the box, and time is very limited.

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