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Deliberately out of focus can also form a hazy blockbuster.

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Out of focus is not necessarily a mistake, sometimes it is deliberately done, so that the photo has a different texture.

In an out-of-focus photo, the main part of the picture will appear in a blurred state, which looks like a focus error, but if you make good use of the blurry and hazy feeling, it can also make the photo very stylish and tasteful.

Out-of-focus can play these roles in photos:

1. Creating a vague and hazy texture in the space of imagination makes people feel that they are not real, and this feeling will lead to desire for exploration and thinking, which in turn makes the photos have a lot of room for imagination.

Out of focus can make the subject in the photo show a hazy state. This technique of not showing the full picture in detail, combined with the appropriate theme, can not only show the hazy beauty with a sense of atmosphere, but also stimulate the viewer's imagination of the fuzzy part.

two。 In general, when shooting, we will choose to make the background and foreground blurred and keep the subject clear. In fact, we can also do the opposite and let the subject be in a blurred state.

This state is "unconventional" and "unreasonable", and sometimes it can make people pay more attention to the existence of the subject and think about the relationship between the subject and the environment. Especially in some themes that require characters to interact with the environment, properly weakening the character's sense of existence can enhance the momentum and expression of the environment.

3. The virtual and real contrast produced by creating a sense of loss of focus in space can well show the sense of space of the photo, making the photo look more three-dimensional and more extended.

The out-of-focus part is not unimportant, but provides background information in a different way.

4. Rendering the blur and obscurity caused by emotional out-of-focus can also be used to render the atmosphere of the photo and create emotion.

The out-of-focus of the subject is very suitable for the expression of negative emotions and the feeling of dreams and romantics. for example, photos taken in rain, fog and other weather will give people a special feeling, which is, to a certain extent, the feeling brought by the hazy weather.

When taking portraits, scenery and other photos, we can make appropriate use of out-of-focus to strengthen the emotional feeling and express the atmosphere.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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