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The one plus 12 mobile phone adopts exclusive self-developed "holographic audio" technology to realize simultaneous playback of up to 12 sources and channels in different directions.

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Thanks to netizens Pianke Saohuang 4100 eyes, soft media new friends 1933769 clues delivery! news on December 2, one plus 12 warmed up again today, the machine will adopt exclusive self-developed "holographic audio" technology to achieve up to 12 audio sources and channels projected to different directions and played at the same time, clearly discernible.

For example, you can hear the navigation sound coming from the front and the music coming from the rear, so you can clearly distinguish different sounds from different directions at the same time. learned from the official that one plus 12 will be equipped with "superlinear stereo dual speakers", and the "double ring magnetic pair" design will be upgraded again on the basis of one plus 11. By increasing the central secondary magnetism, the repulsive force line of the center is distributed to the magnetic gap, the magnetic force line is more concentrated, the BL value is greatly increased, and the Dolby panoramic sound is supported.

One plus 12 will be launched with AAC bionic vibration induction motor Turbo, which adapts and accesses all kinds of applications and games, and adjusts the vibration effect of 72 kinds of 700+ systems in the system.

One plus 12 is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, provides 24GB+1TB large memory version, the world's first memory gene recombination 2.0, the world's first Sony Optics LYT-808 flagship sensor.

One plus announced that the new machine achieved "original God" 2 hours 59.9 frames, "Arena of Valor" 2 hours 119.9 frames "test results. In addition, one plus also announced that the machine supports the same opening of all game overscores and superframes.

In other aspects, one plus 12 will provide white, green and rock black three colors, respectively using a new generation of ceramic glass technology, the industry's first superimposed emerald glass process, a new generation of silk glass process. In addition, one plus 12 will launch the "Oriental screen" around the world, with the peak brightness of the screen reaching 4500nit.

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