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Employees say Amazon AI chat robot Q is a "hallucination" and leaks confidential company data.

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Shulou( Report--, December 2 (Xinhua)-- Amazon launched an AI chat robot called Q at the end of November this year, but according to an internal document disclosed by foreign technology media Platformer, Amazon employees said Q had serious "hallucination" problems and leaked many confidential information, including the location of AWS data centers and internal discount plans.

According to on November 17, Cambridge Dictionary (Cambridge Dictionary) recently announced that the word of the year 2023 is "hallucinate".

Hallucinate originally means to seem to see, hear, feel or smell "something that doesn't exist". It usually refers to the hallucinations caused by the user in a state of poor health or medication.

With the rise of AI, hallucinate extends to AI to produce hallucinations and generate misinformation.

The report documents show that Amazon Q can hallucinate and return harmful or inappropriate chat content. For example, Amazon Q returns outdated security information, which may put customers at risk.

Amazon played down the importance of employee discussions and said it had found no security issues. However, the leaked documents have raised concerns about the accuracy and security of Q, which is still in the preview stage and has not yet been officially released.

An employee marked the incident as "sev 2", which means that the incident is very serious and needs to be fixed as soon as the engineer works overtime.

Q is positioned as an enterprise version of ChatGPT and is designed to be more secure than consumer tools. However, the internal document highlights the risk that Q provides inaccurate or harmful information.

In addition to serious hallucinations, Q also leaked confidential company data, including the location of AWS data centers, internal discount plans and unreleased features, the report said.

After the article was published, the spokesman issued a statement refuting employees' claims that Amazon Q did not disclose confidential information.

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