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Guga wind power competition chair on the shelf: built-in 200mm RGB fan, 1799 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 2 news, COUGAR Guga overseas released a new NxSys Aero chair in October this year, built-in 200mm RGB fan cooling. Now, this wind power competitive chair has been put on the shelves by and is priced at 1799 yuan.

The introduction of bone-attached Jiayu wind power competition chair is as follows:

According to reports, the integrated 200mm RGB fan is the core of the NxSys Aero chair, with a built-in mobile power storage box to power the fan; the built-in fan can circulate the cold air in the chair and keep it cool for a long time.

In addition, the chair features elastic mesh and ventilated rear cover, magnetic memory cotton neck pillow, wear-resistant and breathable perforated leather cushions, multi-angle adjustment and 3D adjustable armrests. Guga (COUGAR) e-sports chair comfortable sedentary computer chair coupon 1799 yuan coupon

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