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The second season of popular domestic animation "Pillow knife Song" is scheduled for December 5, and will be animated on December 5.

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According to news on December 3, the second season of popular domestic animation "Pillow knife Song" will be released in advance. Tencent Video will be online on December 5, updated at 10:00 every Tuesday, with three consecutive episodes in the first week. with dubbing actor:

How to know: Ye Qing

Zheng Jian: Shen Lei

Yang lie: Zhou Yang

A Ya: Chen Yiwen

Old monk: Lin Qiang

Xu Wen: Chen Qigang

Longchong: tinker Bell

Blue Trinity: Liu Fei

The second season of "Pillow knife Song" is animated by Geng San, with a total of 14 episodes, each for about 16 minutes. Producer Liu Bo revealed that the second season takes the era background of "the Mansion will fall" at the end of the Ming Dynasty as the model, and takes revenge as a clue to start the narrative.

Season 1 synopsis:

Live high in the temple and worry about the poor, far away from the rivers and lakes and worry about the world. He Fangzhi, who lost his father when he was young, developed a stunt and embarked on the road of seeking revenge. From the Yangtang shop where the whole family was wiped out 13 years ago in the northwest border, to Linqingzhou in Shandong Province, and to Cuifeng Mountain in Zhejiang Province, he Fangzhi straddled the north and south and tried to find out who killed his father. On the road of revenge, he feels that his opponents seem to be affectionate and righteous, and they seem to be trying their best to protect the real mastermind.

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