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Sources say NetEase and Krafton have reached a settlement over copyright disputes over games such as Operation Wild.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, December 3 (Xinhua)-- according to South Korean media GamesIndustry, Krafton and NetEase reached a settlement more than five years after the copyright dispute between PUBG and the mobile game Operation Wilderness.

A judge of the San Mateo High Court ruled that Krafton provided sufficient evidence to prove that NetEase violated the previously agreed terms of the contract, but Krafton failed to justify his claim for compensation of $65 million.

The court awarded Krafton an undisclosed amount of "liquidated damages" and was denied injunctive relief. noted that the copyright dispute began in April 2018, when Krafton sued NetEase, alleging that his two fugitive killers, "out of the sheath of the Blade" and "Survival rules", infringed copyright.

Krafton believes that the overall look, feel and audio-visual style of the two games are very similar to the realistic style of "PUBG", and that NetEase released the two free games to get ahead of "PUBG Mobile".

The two companies reached a confidentiality agreement in March 2019, but Krafton later accused NetEase of violating several settlement terms, such as failing to change some elements of the game, including the layout of buildings and maps, as well as objects in the game.

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