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Nashi GT ushered in V1.3.1 OTA update, launched track mode

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! December 3 news, Nashi GT recently ushered in the V1.3.1 OTA upgrade, but also the car's third upgrade, this upgrade updated the car ecological application and launched the track mode and so on.

Specifically, the track mode fits different driving scenes with three sub-modes, and if you change the mode, you can experience a new sense of driving control. By turning on the "adaptive sub-mode", you can adaptively allocate the motor power ratio before and after the adaptive driving intention and body posture, taking into account both linear power and curve maneuverability. "Drift priority sub-mode" can make the driving experience infinitely close to the rear drive. When adjusted to "private customization mode", users can also customize the bend power distribution, energy recovery intensity, steering assist style and braking style, and can turn on or off the Electronic Stabilization system (ESC).

In addition, noted that the update also upgrades the Nezha Guardian function to help users monitor the surrounding environment of the vehicle in real time after leaving the car. If an abnormal approach is detected, or when a vehicle vibrates, the guard will trigger an alarm and record a video to alert the user and retain evidence for a rainy day. When the vehicle vibrates, the Nezha guard will also sound the whistle, turn on the lights, and send an alarm notice and video to the user's mobile phone App.

In addition, a new mobile phone remote parking function is also added, so that users can use the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone App and the Nashi GT, turn on the new straight in and out, automatic parking function of the RPA, and park the vertical parking space on the front, left or right side of the vehicle remotely. If it is a horizontal parking space, the parking GT can be remotely controlled from the front of the left or the right.

This time, a new mobile phone interconnection feature has been added to Nashi GT, which allows users to send Wechat, Amap, Nezha App, Meituan, Dianping and other locations to the car phone and quickly initiate navigation. It has also launched a new "split screen" mode, which can reasonably allocate the 17.6-inch screen to the area form of three cards. Car owners can also quickly switch the contents of the three areas by pressing and dragging the card for a long time, and DIY is best suited for their own large screen interface. In addition, the Himalayas and QQ Music joined the car-machine system.

The Nezha GT is a pure electric vehicle positioned as an intelligent sports coupe. At present, there are six equipped models for users to choose from, with a price range of 178800-235800 yuan.

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