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Details of OpenAI personnel unrest revealed: some directors think Altman is a disturbing "slick"

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Shulou( Report--, December 3, the New Yorker magazine published a long article entitled "inside the Cooperation between Microsoft and OpenAI" earlier this month, detailing the details of the personnel upheaval in OpenAI some time ago.

The article begins by saying that on the Friday before Thanksgiving, at 11:30 local time, Microsoft CEO Nadella was holding a weekly meeting with senior leaders when a "panicked" colleague asked him to answer the phone. The call was made by a senior OpenAI executive who said the company's board of directors would announce the dismissal of Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO's co-founder, within the next 20 minutes.

Nadella was immediately "startled" and was speechless for a moment. What he doesn't know is that the relationship between Altman and OpenAI's board is already very bad.

The article also said that some directors of OpenAI found Altman a disturbing "slick". Earlier this fall, Helen Tona, director of the Georgetown University Center for Security and emerging Technologies, a board member, co-authored a paper on the theme "seems" to criticize OpenAI for "fanning the flames" to promote artificial intelligence. As a result, Altman began to contact other board members alone to discuss her replacement.

However, this is not over, when other board members compare the conversations between Altman and them, some people begin to feel that their opinions have been misinterpreted by Altman, mistakenly thinking that they "support" the removal of Helentona.

"he has been passing the buck for years by lying about what other people think," said a source familiar with the board. "

However, Helen Tona later apologized to the board for the paper because she did not expect it to be misunderstood.

The article also gives an earlier example: in 2018, Altman blocked Musk's proposal to take over OpenAI "on impulse" as an early board member. As a result, Altman is described as a man with the ability to control information, manipulate positions and have "frightening" tactical skills.

So when the four members of the board began to discuss replacing Altman, they were determined to make sure he was caught off guard. "it is clear that once Altman knows, he will do everything he can to sabotage the board," according to people familiar with the matter. "

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