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International Day of disabled Persons: cool techs, such as navigational glasses for the blind, bionic hands that can write calligraphy, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 3, today is the 32nd International Day for the disabled, according to reports from CCTV Finance and Science and Technology Daily, in recent years, with the progress of technology, a variety of barrier-free science and technology products are providing more convenience for people with disabilities.

It is reported that an intelligent bionic hand product was unveiled at the second Global Digital Trade Expo recently. The product can detect the wearer's neuroelectric and muscle electrical signals, and can transform the wearer's motor intention into the action of an intelligent bionic hand. Ni Mincheng, a disabled taekwondo athlete and a user of the product, said in an interview that when he shook hands with others, he could also feel the movements and strength of others through intelligent bionic hands.

▲ Picture Source CCTV Finance related report users can grab objects freely and even complete actions such as writing brush characters through this intelligent bionic hand. Ni Mincheng said, "it will become a part of my body, and it can be controlled exactly as I want, such as controlling the movement of each finger separately." In terms of working principle, the product can collect the user's muscle electrical signal and neuroelectric signal through the intelligent sensor to reverse the user's movement intention, so as to complete the movement.

At present, researchers are developing a special pair of glasses that can guide visually impaired people to travel through sound, which integrates a series of functions such as navigation, face recognition and reading. The glasses can guide users through voice commands to navigate and identify specific contacts and their location and distance, the report said.

Wang Wei, a researcher at Zhejiang University, said in an interview that the glasses will be launched one after another and will be demonstrated on a small scale. Its biggest core is to help blind people travel independently-no longer with the help of caregivers and volunteers.

According to, during the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou in October this year, products such as intelligent guide dogs and intelligent artificial limbs appeared in large-scale competitions for the first time. The intelligent guide dog used at that time was developed by the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of West Lake University, and the optimal path was planned by decision-making and planning algorithms based on reinforcement learning, and could be combined with high-precision sensors and perception and control algorithms during march. lead blind athletes and spectators to walk safely.

In addition, according to the person in charge of Qiangnao Technology, a high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou, the manufacturer of the "bionic leg", the "bionic leg" is based on brain-computer interface technology and has built-in sensors that can monitor and use people's walking gait in real time. After algorithm processing, it is converted into instructions to control the hydraulic system, thus dynamically adapting to the current movement.

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