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The pre-purchase price of "Baird Gate 3 Deluxe Edition" physical CD-ROM is $79.99, covering OST, maps, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- November 17, Larian Studio announced the "Baird Gate 3 Deluxe Edition" physical CD-ROM pre-order, the price of $79.99 ( Note: currently about 580 yuan), suitable for Xbox, PS, PC.

Deluxe version:

Bard song package: sing this new set of songs to surprise your audience

Exclusive dice theme: stylized dice verification

Paintings from Green Veyron: a new collection of paintings will be used to decorate forgotten countries

Adventurer's bag: get a series of camp supplies and potions to make it easy to start your journey

Digital soundtrack: enjoy the beautiful "Baird Gate 3" game music from composer BorislavSlavov

Digital art collection: explore the art and design of Baird's Gate 3 in this e-book, edited by Larian Studio

Digital role card: read in advance a four-page introduction to the initial characters in Baird's Gate 3.

A bag of items from the "divine world: original sin" world!

Physical version of content:

PC version: game CD (with installer and Steam serial number, need to be connected to the network)

PS5: game CD (two)

Xbox: game CD-rom (three)

Poster: 570x690mm

Patch: the symbol of supreme God and Yan Quan

Stickers: 32 stickers (logo, origin character, monster, etc.)

Map: 160x180 mm

Original game soundtrack: 3 adventure hymns created by Bobby Slavov CD

Game box

It is understood that the "Baird Gate 3 Deluxe Edition" is shipped to most countries of the European Union (including the United Kingdom and Norway), the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and in the first quarter of 2024.

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