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Windproof, warm and splashing water: Paul Pelliot suit is bought at a discount of 4.69 yuan (1199 yuan for the store)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Boxihe Outdoor Flagship Store]

The store price of Bo Xi and Classic Series 2.0 three-in-one assault clothes is 1199 yuan. Today, the price is greatly promoted, down to 659 yuan.

Order can receive 190 yuan time-limited coupon, pay 469 yuan free of postage:

Tmall Boxi and 23 three-in-one stormsuit classic series 2.0 coupon 469 yuan collar 190 yuan coupon female 11 kinds + male 7 kinds, individual style broken code, small partners can choose size first and then choose style.

Complete protective assault suit, one piece is worth seven pieces, light and warm travel.

The feedback from this word-of-mouth home is good. This promotion is equivalent to 3.9% discount.

Order free freight insurance, support 7 days no reason to return, do not like can be returned.

Brand: pelliot /Bercy and

Time to market: Autumn 2023

Waterproof permeability index: 10001mm (inclusive)-15000mm (inclusive)

Inner liner type: fleece inner liner

Clothing technology: seam full pressure glue

Applicable object: unisex

Style: two-piece set

Material composition: polyester fiber 100%

Applicable season: winter autumn

Tmall Boxi and 23 three-in-one stormsuit classic series 2.0 coupon 469 yuan collar 190 yuan coupon

Welcome to download the most will buy App -good goods good price, high rebate, 1 cent can also withdraw cash!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic identification platform).

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