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Serious circuit failures are often caused by high gold content.

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This article is from the official account of Wechat: ID:paperji, author: Shilan Peta

The original title: "the red light of your fingertips is our belief in the safety of electricity."

If you can't learn mathematics, physics and chemistry, life is magic everywhere; if you learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, life is magic everywhere.

This sentence is vividly reflected in the wire circuit maintenance video filmed by Chengyang Electrical Circuit (hereinafter referred to as City electrician).

Some people may think that I have gone a little too far. People who know a little bit about household appliances may know that I can do this little thing about which side of the circuit is broken, isn't it just how many times to beep with a stylus?

Then let me tell you clearly here that it is no easier to be a qualified electrician than to be Conan.

You not only need to have a pair of sharp eyes that are good at observation, a mind that likes to explore as much as a detective, and the same patience to watch your aunt quarrel and eat melons, but also to take out the valuable knowledge that our ancestors taught us: look, hear, ask and cut.

If you just learn mathematics, physics and chemistry, you may lose your job tomorrow. Because the circuit knowledge in books can never predict how magical reality will be.

In the video of "serious circuit failures often have high gold content", which appeared on the popular list of bilibili in this issue of the City electrician, the screencap of the solution process of eliminating home circuit faults in a short period of time, but let countless viewers see the twists and turns that are comparable to the world's top reasoning novels, and the ending is the top God unfolding, with a Douban score of 9.0.

(home of the King of Thunder and Lightning) at the beginning, the city electrician was ordered in the face of danger, and this time he was charged with electricity from the leakage of electricity in his home.

The city electrician rushed to the kitchen to take a test with an electric pen, and the shell of the kettle directly carried more than 200 volts of electricity. if anyone accidentally felt barefoot, he really asked Yang Yongxin to "Lei Gong help me".

The family pointed the contradiction at the water heater at home, because the kitchen would trip as soon as the water heater was turned on, and there was no problem plugging in other appliances. Before the city electrician came to the door, he had continuously found the water heater installer to check the reason, and even complained to the installer. However, the water heater manufacturer has sent engineers to the door to check, after inspection, found that it is not the problem of the water heater.

(there is no problem for the city electrician to review) so what is the problem? at this time, the city electrician showed one of the basic qualities of an old electrician and decided to start from the main gate to "look, hear, ask and cut" the family's circuit. Even if the city electrician has cut off the kitchen switch, the ground wire still has electricity. It seems that there is not only a problem with the kitchen. The city electrician judged that the ground line of this house was not good.

(foreshadowing here) the city electrician connected to the kitchen and tested again, and the good guy's ground wire was 200 volts directly on the side.

It seems that this family should be caused by a short-circuit discharge of an electrical appliance, resulting in frequent tripping of the water heater, but since the front water heater has proved to be fine, which appliance is faulty? Could it be that some electrical dude can't help but start to generate electricity out of thin air?

After figuring out the problem, the city electrician began to use the most basic problem-solving method-elimination. He unplugged all the electrical appliances in the customer's house one by one and re-measured the ground wire.

But the cheerful multimeter pointer told the city electrician that the ground wire was still leaking. Seeing that all the electrical appliances around have been unplugged, the city electrician frowned: it is estimated that there are still hidden electrical appliances in which corner, the matter is much more than that.

The city electrician then took out the second of the basic qualities of an electrician and began to carefully observe the various sockets in other people's homes. Which restless small appliances like everyone else in front of the screen like to hide and selflessly "generate electricity"? even if the power generation is not calculated, the whole family appliances will have to pay attention.

(good plugs are always checked openly.) after several rounds of inspection, the city electrician gradually expanded the search from the kitchen to the whole family.

Finally, he found the place that had been missed in the previous inspection, and the family actually connected a wire from the kitchen to the porch.

It is well known that in many cases, the closer you get to the truth, God will consciously or unintentionally arrange some variables for you to get closer to the truth.

For example, when the electric wire and porch were found, the city electrician was still wondering why the family had to connect the wire in this way, but the child of the family, who had been quiet all the time, began to worry first.

It can be seen in the video that the child seems to be very reluctant to have the city electrician near the porch. But because the city electrician was difficult for strangers to talk to, he followed and called grandma three times in a row, as if hoping to stop the electrician from entering the porch.

(child: grandma (anxious). | Grandma: go and play over there. )

(child: grandma (sajiao). | Grandma: what are you doing? )

(child: grandma! He was anxious because the city electrician had found a row plugged in.) the child's anxious three granny did not interrupt the city electrician's pace. He unplugged the socket and went to the switch to measure the ground voltage. Guess what?

The meter doesn't work. The leakage is cured.

Hiss, how strange ah, really strange ah, unplugged this small row socket, unexpectedly can release more than 200 volts of electricity from the absolute ground wire? The point is, after the plug was unplugged, the city electrician looked at it and found that there was really nothing inserted on the row of the floor in the distance.

Next, the story comes to the stage where God unfolds.

The city electrician picked up the multimeter and tested the plug and found that it was really discharging.

Is it true that this socket will "discharge itself"? If this really found a discharge socket, I think next year's Nobel Prize should be directly given to the city electrician, this is a great discovery to solve the human energy problem!

Unfortunately, fantasy is still fantasy, and reality is always reality. As a materialist, the city electrician tested the socket that had just been unplugged.

I don't know. There is a chain in the socket.

This is not an ordinary iron chain, but a platinum necklace, but after years of current erosion, the years on his surface layer by layer of black dust.

When it came to this, the truth seemed to come out: the children of the family were playful and stuffed their parents' platinum necklaces into the socket, which connected to the electricity and caused the whole family to short circuit. But it's not over here.

Some readers who are familiar with the circuit may ask, why don't you jump when you short-circuit the leakage protection (the insurance of the switch, which will cut off the circuit when the leakage current is detected)?

This brings us back to the problem of water heaters and ground wires mentioned at the beginning. At the beginning, it is mentioned that as long as the water heater is powered on, it is necessary to briefly understand the difference between the ground wire and the leakage protector. Generally speaking, electric leakage is a physical phenomenon. If no ground wire is installed when the electrical appliance is leaking, only when people touch the metal shell of the leaky electrical appliance will the leakage occur, and then the leakage protection will trip: if there is a ground wire, the electrical leakage will flow to the earth directly through the ground wire, and the leakage protection will trip at this time.

Back to the city electrician here, before the city electrician measured the ground wire to judge that the household ground wire was not good, so the family's water heater assumed the function of the ground wire.

So if you plug in the hot gas water heater, it is equivalent to connecting the ground wire of the whole house, the water heater is with a natural gas pipeline, and if you are not careful at this time, the consequences of natural gas leakage are unimaginable.

After finding out the final cause, the city electrician ran non-stop to the corridor electric room to check whether the ground wire had not been connected properly. Before, the bear child had already blown up the short circuit at home. Unexpectedly, the ground wire of the whole building had been artificially cut off.

(shocking, if there is an electric leakage in this building, the consequences are unimaginable.) the story shows its true face here: the bear child of this family connects the short-circuited socket to the electricity. because there is no ground wire protection, the bear child will be electrocuted and may even be electrocuted to death, but because the water heater is grounded to bear the whole family's ground wire, a large amount of current flows to the ground through the water heater, causing the home to trip. At the back, because the bear child's short-circuit socket has not been unplugged, so plugging in the water heater will connect the ground wire and cause tripping, that is to say, the water heater saved the lives of the bear child and the whole family.

(quickly tell me thank you, water heater) you thought the water heater was the culprit, but the city electrician told you it wasn't; you thought the culprit was the bear child, and the city electrician had discovered the truth behind the matter early; when it was finally discovered that it was the ground wire problem, the city electrician, like a detective, led everyone in front of the screen to pull through the clouds to see the original thing. From time to time, a bullet screen pops up in the video: I can't understand it, but I'm shocked and relish.

The big guy also brought this enthusiasm to the commodity link of the same electric pen of Chengdian UNIDO.

The city electrician helped solve the big electrical problems in the building, and it turns out that luck always favors good people.

Do you still remember the water heater installer I complained about? The city electrician met him again, and this time he was complained that he was forced to go to the city electrician to check the cause of the circuit.

("Master, what do you do?"I'm a water heater master now, and I'm going to be an electrician soon.") and very dramatically, this family also insisted that it was the water heater problem, and finally Chengyang electrician checked after having the above experience, huh? The problem turns out to be the same. This family is also because the ground wire is not good, and their air conditioner takes the water heater pipe as a ground wire.

(water heater on the left, air conditioning on the right, and ground wire in the middle)

The same water heater master, the same problem, the same complaint, I now sympathize with the water heater installer (

You think electricians solve cases like detectives? Wrong, the city electricity union tells you to persevere with patience, which is the third necessary accomplishment for a mature electrician.

The owner of an Internet bar found a city electrician, and his family tripped irregularly every day, which seriously affected his business. The city electrician measured the total switch of the whole community from the switch of the Internet bar all the way, and was laughed at by the bullet screen that he was going up to the power plant.

Because of the uncertain time of the circuit failure, the city electrician did not know when to come, so the city electrician settled down and kept testing with the electric pen, just to wait for the fault to come to find out the problem, which lasted for two hours.

The city electrician finally waited for the legendary fault two hours later, and after repeated comparison, he found out that the fault point came from the switch of the property.

After a search, it was finally found that the power cord of the property water pump was broken, because the water pump started the water supply irregularly, and the Internet bar owner tripped as soon as the power cord leakage started.

I believe that many people, like me, are attracted by the excellent skills of the city electrician and are impressed by his sense of responsibility of not getting off work without solving the problem. Many people left messages in the comment area, telling stories about their career as an electrician.

Some fellow electricians share interesting stories about repairing circuits.

There are highly skilled electricians like the city electrician.

But I am personally different. since I can remember, my mother has always had a great opinion about these masters, believing that they rely on their knowledge of skills to cheat people out of money. The one time I had the greatest influence was that the air conditioner in my guest room was broken and asked the master to come to my door. the master not only repaired the circuit, added snow, but also climbed out of the window to repair the air conditioner, and the final maintenance cost was 2000 yuan. Afterwards, the more my mother thought about it, the more wrong it became. She asked my father to re-examine the things that had been repaired by the master, and found that the circuits had not been used, and the only thing that was really useful was to add air-conditioned ice.

This incident left a deep lesson for my mother, which directly led to the broken air conditioner in the guest room. my mother refused to find someone to repair it, and she didn't even want to change it in order to save money, because the air conditioner in the guest room is no longer in use, and only my father will enter the guest room when he uses the computer. As a result, my father can only turn on the fan in the heat of 30 degrees in Guangdong every summer.

Every time I watch the video of the city electrician, I always wonder if I could have such a responsible master at that time.

Alas, I will buy the same type of electric pen for the city electrician to prepare for the war.

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