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BYD executives criticize industry chaos: technology and products are often targeted, offering a reward of 5 million to combat malicious smear

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 3, this evening, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD brand public relations office, issued a statement on Weibo, first criticizing some "chaos in the automobile industry", and then announced that he would offer a reward with a bonus of 500 to 5 million yuan, in the hope that people with knowledge of the matter could provide clues and information.

He pointed out that in many scenes, BYD's technology and products are often disgusted and targeted by a variety of tricks: there are malicious comparisons of BYD's cars directly in the store, and some sales consultants show customers the edited black material maliciously smear. Some give BYD product configuration or brand models black nicknames, and some even buy BYD cars to make live broadcast and maliciously slander and spread.

Only by being beautiful can we share beauty with each other. To be honest, I didn't want to post this Weibo! But recently, one evil thing after another, constantly breaking through the lower limit, challenging the limit of people!

This year, the word most frequently mentioned by Autobots is "volume". Volume technology, volume products, volume price, volume marketing, and even the lower limit. The fierce or heinous degree of competition is something I have never seen in the nearly 20 years since I joined the industry! If it is the level of the volume, it is to applaud! But if the lower limit of the volume, it is contemptuous!

In many scenes, BYD's technology and products are often disgusted and targeted: there are malicious comparisons of our cars directly in the store, and sales consultants show customers the edited black materials maliciously smear. Some give our product configuration or brand models black nicknames, and some even have their brain-broken fans to buy our cars to engage in live broadcast and malicious defamation and dissemination, all kinds of bad behavior, too numerous to mention! I'd like to ask, haven't you been tired of messing with us for two years?

This time I will save face (there are a lot of mosaics in the picture) and leave some leeway. If you continue to have no lower limit and no bottom line, next time, it will be directly exposed to the public!

Finally, I would like to say that everyone is under a lot of pressure, I can understand! But the volume should also be legal and reasonable, courteous and courteous, valuable and meaningful, not random! To roll, it is necessary to make it beneficial to consumers, rather than misleading and fooling consumers. If you want to roll, you have to roll out the level, not the lower limit! Volume technology, volume products, volume service! This is the long-term solution, is the king! Otherwise, what we are doing is a zero-sum game war of words, which is not conducive to the industry, but also not conducive to themselves!

If it involves breaking the law, we will pursue it to the end! Here, I would also like to advise: participants or insiders who have done bad things, are welcome to contact us and will reduce or exempt liability according to the circumstances and in accordance with the laws and regulations, and combine the value of clues and information provided by them. Give a reward of 50-5 million yuan!

According to previous reports from, Internet celebrity Big V recently tested the newly launched equation Leopard 5 and claimed that the car's actual fuel consumption of 100 kilometers was as high as 18L, a far cry from the official claims.

In response, the official Weibo statement of "equation Leopard Automobile" responded to the incident, saying that it had obtained relevant vehicle operation data in response to the police's demand for evidence in the case of "2023.11.28 Yao * Qiang suspected of speeding".

The data show that there were a large number of abnormal driving behaviors of the vehicle that day, including not limited to the following points:

1. During the whole period of high-speed driving, the speed exceeded 180km/h in 3 periods and exceeded 170km/h in 6 periods.

2. During the whole period of high speed driving, the proportion of speed 120-140km/h is more than 37%, the proportion of speed 140-160km/h is more than 46%, and the proportion of speed exceeding 160km/h is more than 4%.

3. It is found that there is abnormal parking time in some sections of the highway.

Equation Leopard said that if the driver of the vehicle does have speeding and sudden braking behavior, it will seriously endanger public safety and harm the public interest. The equation leopard shall fulfill its legal obligations in accordance with the law, assume social responsibility, cooperate with the traffic police investigation, protect public interests, and safeguard the dignity of the law.

Equation Leopard also said that the recent related videos have been widely discussed on the Internet, which has had a bad impact on its brand reputation and business development. For such malicious smear behavior, equation Leopard will not tolerate, will directly through legal channels to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the brand.

The Leopard 5 is equipped with a DMO super hybrid system, which consists of a 1.5T engine, a front and rear motor, a lithium iron phosphate battery and an E-CVT gearbox. The maximum power of 1.5T engine is 194 horsepower, the peak torque is 273 Nm, the maximum power of dual motor is 660 hp, the peak torque is 760 Nm, it only takes 4.8 seconds to complete the acceleration from zero to 100 km. The Leopard 5 is equipped with a "blade battery" with a capacity of 31.8kWh, with a range of 125km in pure electric mode, a fuel consumption of 7.8L / 100km in the lowest charged state and a comprehensive range of 1200km.

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