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Japan plans to postpone the launch of the Mars satellite probe to 2026, originally scheduled for 2024

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1520111 clue delivery!, December 3 (Xinhua)-- Japan is considering postponing the launch of the Mars satellite probe from 2024 to 2026, according to Japanese media reports such as the Japan Times and Kyodo News on Sunday (today).

The specific reason for the delay is that there is a problem with the H3 carrier rocket. According to the original plan, the project aims to achieve the world's first exploration of samples from the surface of a Martian satellite, which will be launched by an H3 rocket. Note: Japan originally planned to launch a Mars satellite probe with an H3 rocket in 2024. According to the plan, the probe of the country's Mars Satellite Exploration Program (MMX) will arrive on the Martian moon during the 2025 World Expo in Osaka and broadcast live detailed images to the Expo Pavilion, which will be a "bright spot" of the Expo.

In March, the next-generation H3 rocket developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Mitsubishi heavy Industries failed for the first time and lost a key satellite as a payload. Since then, the second H3 rocket is scheduled to be launched in March 2024, but its payload has been "preventatively" modified. As for the launch schedule of the third H3 rocket, it also depends on the success of the second rocket launch.

Due to the change in the distance between Mars and Earth, the probe was originally scheduled to be launched into orbit around Mars in September 2024, and the next appropriate time window will be around 2026.

The probe is expected to land on Phobos, one of the two Martian moons, and collect surface samples. The moon is thought to have accumulated rocks from Mars and is expected to help people understand the evolution of the Martian system.

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