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Bill Gates: it is impossible to stop the global temperature from rising by 2 degrees Celsius

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On December 4, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) said that the world may not be able to achieve the Paris Agreement's goal of controlling temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

"although we have not yet met our highest expectations, we are making progress in stopping climate change," Gates said in an interview at the annual United Nations meeting in Dubai. " He mentioned that this (the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference (COP28)) was the most attended meeting in history, as well as a new food and health initiative.

"it's impossible to keep a temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius," Gates said. "if you are lucky to keep the temperature rise below 3 degrees Celsius, many of the adverse effects that people hear may not happen unless you are really irresponsible." let the temperature rise to a higher range. "

If the earth's temperature rises by 3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, up to 50 million people could be regularly exposed to temperatures beyond the limits of human survival, according to a study published in 2018 in the Lancet Planetary Health. New York City in the United States may experience three once-in-a-century floods a year, while the population of African cities will face as many as 52 times the dangerous heat. The amount of land destroyed by wildfires around the world will double, and the Amazon rainforest will be turned into grasslands.

In the Paris Agreement, nearly 200 countries agreed to keep global temperatures well below 2 degrees Celsius, ideally 1.5 degrees Celsius, to avoid the worst effects of climate change. But a recent report from the United Nations Environment Programme shows that under current national emission reduction plans, global temperatures will rise by 2.9 degrees Celsius.

Climate scientists have always stressed that there is no safe level of global warming. They point out that today, when the global average temperature is 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than it was before industrialization, dangerous effects have been played out in all corners of the world. This year, for example, was the hottest on record, as a series of brutal wildfires, floods and extreme heat claimed countless lives and reshaped communities.

Gates said his favorite solutions include nuclear fusion, fission and "green steel". Gates has invested in dozens of clean technology companies through Breakthrough Energy Ventures. He says meetings during the 28th United Nations Climate change Conference are crucial for start-ups because they have access to large companies in industries such as cement that need decarbonization.

This year's summit is hosted by the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, which faces controversy over its support for the fossil fuel industry. Sultan Jabir, the oil industry executive who oversees the negotiations, argues that they need to participate in the dialogue. And those who want to get rid of fossil fuels more quickly say the industry is doing too little to switch to alternative sources.

"We have to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels," Gates said. to do this, companies in the fossil fuel industry should not be subsidized. In fact, over time, they should also be subject to a carbon tax. "

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