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Dongfeng Motor set up a trading company in Xinjiang to develop the business of selling cars in eight Central Asian countries.

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement, December 2, Xinjiang Dongqi Trading Co., Ltd. was held in Urumqi.

According to reports, Xinjiang Dongqi Trading Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Dongfeng Company and Xinjiang Trade Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd. mainly in Xinjiang region and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other eight Central Asian countries to carry out car sales, car rental, after-sales service, financial and insurance agents, multimodal transport, intelligent logistics and other business. Focus on acting Dongfeng independent medium and heavy trucks, light trucks, pick-up trucks, off-road vehicles, cars, minicars, new energy and other products.

▲ Tuyuan "Dongfeng Automobile" official account in terms of logistics and transportation, Xinjiang Dongqi Trading Co., Ltd. will fully rely on the industrial advantages of Xinjiang Commercial Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd. in the transportation and trade of mineral energy, coal, petrochemical and other bulk goods, as well as Dongfeng's unique advantages in the distribution of commodities in the areas of medium and heavy trucks and new energy. Committed to providing users with a "green, intelligent, professional" logistics and transportation overall solution.

At the ceremony, Dongfeng Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd. delivered 100 Dongfeng new energy electric heavy trucks to Xinjiang Trade Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd.

According to inquiry, Xinjiang Trade Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned enterprise in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, covering supply chain integration services such as mineral energy, coal, petrochemical, agricultural and sideline products, as well as new government investment and financing platforms, railways, logistics parks, foreign-related hotels, international trade cities and other fields.

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