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USI unveiled the next generation of AI and cooling solutions at the 2023 global supercomputing conference

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Recently, Ingrasys, a subsidiary of USI, was unveiled at SC23, the 2023 global supercomputing conference, focusing on the new liquid-cooled AI server and advanced liquid-cooled cooling architecture designed for the next generation of AI applications and services, and sharing its latest achievements in AI sustainable solutions.

Hongbai Technology unveiled at the Global Supercomputing Conference SC23

With the booming demand for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, global data centers are facing increasing power demand and more severe cooling technology challenges. Hongbai Technology has been committed to developing environmentally friendly liquid cooling solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the data center.

At the meeting, Hongbai brought the latest AI liquid-cooled server GB6181, equipped with eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, to provide high-performance computing power of 32 gigabit floating point operations per second (PFLOPS) for reasoning and training of large-scale AI and large language models, and can be easily integrated into the OCP ORv3 architecture deployed by customers' data centers.

Hongbai advanced liquid cooling solution

SV1123A and SV1143A, new members of the modular server series using liquid cooling technology, were also unveiled at the conference for the first time, supporting NVIDIA's latest PCle GPU, such as NVIDIA L40S and NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU. These two high-density 1-node and 2-node modular servers provide flexible configuration options that allow different configurations in the form of E1.s, U.2 and two PCle to meet a variety of needs and applications.

In addition, Hongbai also exhibited OCP ORv3 side liquid cooling solution LA0763, which has a strong cooling capacity up to 76kW, equipped with modular RPU and radiator. This solution can be seamlessly deployed with IT cabinets without modifying the existing infrastructure of the data center, saving deployment time, and helping data center operators improve cooling capacity while achieving efficient and continuous operations.

AI liquid-cooled server GB6181 (left) and NVMe-oF storage system (right)

Other innovative demonstrations include the use of NVIDIA Spectrum-2 to provide high throughput and low latency NVMe-oF storage systems, as well as HPC servers with NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip. These innovative solutions use immersive cooling technology to not only reduce data center power consumption, but also meet the growing needs of generative AI.

As a leader in the digital economy, USI and its subsidiaries adhere to the "data-driven, green development" strategy, provide customers with innovative and leading green products and solutions, use the power of green technology to promote the development of AI, and make unremitting efforts to create a better zero-carbon future.

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