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Meizu MYVU smart ring goes on sale: supports AR glasses multi-mode interaction, the price is 399 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua)-- the MYVU Ring smart ring, which was unveiled at the 2023 Meizu fall boundless Ecology Conference, is now on sale for 399 yuan.

MYVU Ring is a smart ring designed for two of MYVU's smart glasses that supports gesture and touch operations, such as free gesture switching, one-click answer to the phone, and click on the touch button to brush the video.

Made of ceramic and stainless steel, this smart ring supports IPX7 waterproof grade and is available in sizes 17 (finger perimeter 56mm), 19 (finger perimeter 64mm), 20 (finger perimeter 69mm) and 22 (finger perimeter 75mm). Currently, only sizes 20 and 22 are available.

According to, both MYVU Discovery and MYVU AR smart glasses are equipped with the FlymeAR system. With the blessing of the Flyme AI model, MYVU can become an intelligent personal assistant in the user's travel, work, life and entertainment scenes, and work with hand cars to create a multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive ecological experience.

MYVU smart glasses with MYVU smart ring, you only need to move your fingers, you can listen to music, browse video, reply information and other operations. Ring interaction, together with Mirror leg interaction, App interaction and Aicy voice interaction, brings users all-weather multimodal interaction.

Meizu is equipped with a charging chamber for the MYVU smart ring, which can be fully charged in 2 hours, with a battery life of 6 hours or 6 days of standby time, and the power of the ring is 14-18mAh (depending on size). Meizu MYVU Smart Ring 399 yuan direct link

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