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With the arrival of technological value, CTO of Qixin Group delivered a keynote speech at the 2023 billion Bang Industrial Internet Annual meeting.

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On December 1, the 2023 Billion State Industrial Internet Annual Conference sponsored by Yibang Power was held in Shanghai. With the theme of "Who is Restructuring the Industrial Chain," the 2023 Billion State Industrial Internet Annual Conference focused on the three tracks of domestic retail, globalization and industrial Internet for in-depth insight. At the same time, the Qianfeng Award Ceremony was held and the 2023 Industrial Internet Development Report was released.

As the annual weather vane conference in the field of industrial Internet, Yibang Industrial Internet Annual Conference has been held for four consecutive times since 2019. All previous conferences examine and insight into the new trend of the industry from an annual perspective, and are annual high-dimensional events covering the whole link of industrial Internet.

At the meeting, Zhu Min, vice president of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, former vice president of international organizations and former vice president of the People's Bank of China, said: Data is the starting point and wealth of future economic and social activities, data assets will change the enterprise model, and the role of enterprises will become more automatic and intelligent. Promoting data marketization is the most critical step for China's scientific and technological innovation and economic growth, and is an important process for China to move towards high-quality growth and the forefront of the world.

In the theme sharing link of "technology value landing, who is transforming industrial chain supply chain," enterprise representatives such as Qixin Group and Kunlun Data shared enterprise practice. Among them, Yu Binping, CTO of Qixin Group, delivered a speech with the theme of "AI-enabled Digital Supply Chain Practice Sharing," sharing the practical achievements of Qixin Group.

Yu Binping mentioned that Qixin Group is exploring the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and business scenarios. Qixin Group will use AIGC technology to train the commodity model of B2B industry, improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and customer service, reduce the cost of social supply chain, further reduce cost and increase efficiency for customers, and provide value.

At the same time, Yibang Power released the 2023 Industrial Internet Development Report, in which the digital intelligence practice of Qixin Group was included as a representative case of digital centralized procurement service provider. The report shows that Qixin Group explores AI business models and application scenarios for reference by the industry. According to the latest financial report, Qixin Group realized operating income of 7.76 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2023, with a year-on-year growth of 15.13%.

At the same time of the annual meeting, the Qianfeng Night Award Ceremony was held to select the industrial Internet companies with the most capital market value in 2023, which were divided into three sub-tracks: digital supply chain, industrial digital technology and digital intelligence brand. Qixin Group, Jingdong and other enterprises were listed on the list. Among them, Qixin Group was awarded "2023 Thousand Peak Award-TOP 30 of Digital Supply Chain."

It is understood that Qixin Group is a leading enterprise in the field of centralized procurement of B2B office materials in China. With centralized procurement of enterprise operation and maintenance materials as the core, Qixin Group has realized two-way continuous cost reduction and efficiency increase between the company and customers by virtue of constructing a full-scene, full-production chain and intelligent enterprise digital operation platform system. Qixin Group provides digital centralized procurement services for more than 200 head large-scale customers such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and Sinopec by continuously strengthening its digital technology, commodity supply chain, warehousing logistics and operation services.

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