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New year's installation of high-looking white mainframe, gigabyte ice carving X motherboard + snow sculpture RTX4060Ti is all done.

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2024 is coming, it is said that the new atmosphere of the New year, the choice of this time to install the machine should be not a small number of friends. When it comes to installation, high-looking white mainframe is very popular in the past two years, in addition to the popularity and popularity of white PC hardware, the price is also an important reason. Motherboard and graphics card as the two most important internal hardware installed in white, it is naturally difficult to choose. It doesn't matter. Today, the editor will recommend a set of combinations to make the appearance, quality and performance of the machine online.

Gigabyte B760M ice carving X special edition motherboard is the first motherboard, the current Intel platform still gives priority to choose B760M motherboard, and in B760 motherboard products, the highest-looking white motherboard is gigabyte B760M ice carving X, because it launched a special limited motherboard and WBG team, the face is very high, the price is also very suitable.

This gigabyte B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) motherboard PCB uses a warm white coating, the motherboard is also covered with a large number of silver and white metal armor, and even the fixed buckle of the memory slot has been changed to white. After installing white hardware on the motherboard, you can achieve the visual effect of pure white integration inside and outside the chassis, which can be called the "face king" of the B760 motherboard.

The gigabyte B760M Ice Sculpture X (Special Edition) motherboard offers 14-generation luxury palace configurations that can be easily controlled even with the latest 14-generation Core i9-14900K. CPU, motherboard power supply and M.2 area are also covered with aluminum alloy cooling armor to ensure the thermal conductivity and performance release stability of the core hardware under high load.

Gigabyte B760M Ice carving X (Special Edition) motherboard also inherits gigabyte proud of D5 memory cool techs, turn on XMP and ultra-bandwidth, low latency option in BIOS, you can enjoy free memory read and write performance improvement, while supporting memory overclocking to the level of DDR5 8266MHz, BIOS also provides memory frequency doubling, Gear mode, timing, voltage and other setting options, so that veteran players can limit the upper limit of memory performance.

In terms of I / O interface and network, the gigabyte B760M Ice carving X (Special Edition) motherboard is equipped with 1*PCI-E 5.0x16 graphics card slots, 2 PCI-E 4.0M.2 slots, 4 DDR5 memory slots, 1 USB-C interface (20Gbps rate), 4 USB3.2 Gen2 Type-An interfaces, of which the red A port supports 10Gbps speed, and there are 4 USB2.0 interfaces for expansion and external playability.

The network supports 2.5G gigabit network port, Wi-Fi7 enhanced antenna group and Bluetooth low delay function, which makes the network more stable, the device connection faster, the transmission faster, and the game delay lower, which protects the players' extremely fast Internet access and e-sports game experience. The Q-Flash Plus interface on the motherboard also allows players to quickly update the motherboard BIOS without CPU, and novice users can upgrade at will.

Gigabyte B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) motherboard also gives a sincere 4-year warranty time limit, 1-year free replacement and 3-year free repair services for damage, and support to send repairs to people, so that users can buy and use at ease. At present, the daily price of of this motherboard is 1699 yuan. gigabyte ice sculpture X (GIGABYTE) B760M AORUS ELITE X AX DDR5 WIFI motherboard supports CPU 1390013700KF LGA 17001699 yuan direct link gigabyte RTX4060Ti Snow Eagle graphics card next is the graphics card, there are many white-themed graphics cards, from the game performance-to-price point of view, RTX4060Ti is the most suitable. Among the first-tier brands, gigabyte RTX4060Ti Snow Eagle is the one with the most balanced appearance and price, so this time I recommend it.

Gigabyte RTX4060Ti Snow Eagle is the shell version of RTX4060Ti Eagle, but it has a new design in appearance. First of all, the Logo on the fan is no longer GIGABYTE, but has been changed to AERO. Aesthetically, it is more inclined to professional graphic design graphics cards, and there is an oval frame around the three fans. The inside of the oval frame is decorated with a silver-gray brushed texture metal panel and oblique texture decoration, which makes it visually more layered and more personalized.

The three 8cm diversion fans on the front of the graphics card support 3D start-stop and forward-reverse design, together with the internal four composite heat pipes direct contact GPU design, intake grille and other technologies, constitute the wind power heat dissipation system, which can carry out efficient heat dissipation, make the graphics card run more stable, and the performance release performance is lasting and strong.

Gigabyte RTX4060Ti Snow Eagle is also very particular about the design details, such as the rugged metal backplane on the back of the graphics card to further enhance the rigidity of the graphics card to better protect internal components; double BIOS mode is equivalent to bringing its own factory overclocking, which can be opened with one button; there is an indicator light above the power supply interface of the graphics card, which makes the abnormal state of power supply clear at a glance. The side of the graphics card also provides RGB lighting design, which can be simple or cool.

Gigabyte RTX4060Ti Snow Eagle graphics card factory frequency of 2580MHz, equipped with 8GB DDR6 128bit memory, can easily meet the 2K resolution of the mainstream 3A games and professional productivity requirements, power supply design of 500W, support 3-year warranty service and gigabyte intelligent butler software program services, 's current price of 3499 yuan. gigabyte (GIGABYTE) Snow Eagle GeForce RTX 4060 Ti AERO OC 8G DLSS3 e-sports game design computer independent graphics card 2K [white limit] 3499 yuan direct link

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