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Shenze data won 36 krypton "WISE2023 Future King of Business Enterprise of the year"

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On November 28, 36 Krypton WISE2023 Commercial King Conference was held. At the conference, WISE2023's annual enterprise release focuses on discovering enterprises that promote industrial development and provide innovative momentum for economic growth. Shenze data, as a professional big data analysis and marketing technology service provider, stood out among hundreds of enterprises and won the "WISE2023 Future Business King of the year Enterprise Service Enterprise".

In 2023, the Chinese enterprise service track is quietly gaining momentum, and industry expectations are still accelerating. The fine division of the track and the emergence of new technology trends are causing the enterprise service track to undergo a paradigm change. On the other hand, Shenze data is based on the technical and practical frontiers of big data's analysis and marketing technology, and around the product concept of "customer itinerary scheduling (Customer Journey Orchestration)", it constructs three major engines: customer data engine, customer journey analysis engine and customer journey optimization engine. With highly open product architecture and flexible integration capabilities, landing digital customer management solutions, and complete data security and compliance system. Help enterprises to achieve digital customer management, continue to move forward on the enterprise service track.

The customer data engine takes real-time (Real-Time), self-service (Self-Serve) and openness (Open API) as the core advantages, and includes four capability layers: data integration, modeling, processing and service. Each layer is decoupled and connected with each other, and provides strong, unified, flexible and self-service data application capabilities for enterprise business systems, BI and marketing platforms.

The customer journey analysis engine can comprehensively improve the enterprise's self-management ability, scheduling ability and different levels of API output ability from three aspects: link power, drawing power and expansion power.

Customer itinerary optimization engine takes audience service and itinerary scheduling as the core, A / B testing ability is blessed, and ecological partners work together to help enterprises achieve marketing contacts, marketing content construction, and marketing application empowerment.

In addition, Shenze data now fully supports the mainstream domestic Xinchuang platform, and supports the personalized scene needs of enterprise customers by continuously expanding the boundary.

From the Internet era to the digital age, from the traffic dividend to the contact dividend, the business needs of enterprises have also changed from in-depth "user behavior analysis" to "personalized, omni-channel consistent customer experience". CEO Wenfeng, founder of Shenze data, believes that customer itinerary scheduling can help enterprises achieve experience management of customer life cycle interaction. At the same time, the customer journey starts from the customer experience, pays attention to the customer demand, feeling and satisfaction, compared with the business process from the internal perspective of the company, pays attention to efficiency, cost control and consistency. It can better match the urgent needs of enterprises in the customer business scene in the digital era. At present, Shenze data has served 2000 + enterprise customers in more than 30 industries, and can support multiple functional departments of the enterprise, becoming a typical representative of leading service concepts, excellent product capabilities and experienced delivery in the enterprise service track.

In 2023, technological and business changes are still taking place, and opportunities and challenges continue to impact the entire enterprise service track. And Chinese innovators will continue to play a key role in the global innovation arena and lead the future development trend. This list is not only the certification of the strength of Shenze data, but also the support and encouragement to create the value of Shenze data. Next, Shenze data will continue to give full play to its own advantages, bravely set the tide, and better help enterprises to achieve digital customer management.

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